By Dervish / Last update February 11, 2022

As Windows 11 users, we all know that chat programs and widget apps are installed by default. But you might not know it: these two apps consume a lot of system memory, even if you don't use them.

Thankfully, system resources can be saved by disabling chat and widget programs.

How to Disable Chat and Widgets Apps on Windows 11

Since the two apps, Chat and Widgets, are installed by default, the Chat and Widgets apps take up a significant portion of your Windows 11 computer's memory, about a few hundred megabytes, from the time you log into the operating system.

Most domestic users, who do not like to use these two programs, can save system resources and improve system performance by deleting or disabling these two programs.

Removing chats and widgets on a Windows 11 PC might sound complicated, but it's not. Simply remove the Chat and Widget icons from the taskbar to do the job, easy and fast. The following are the specific steps of the operation:

1. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar, the "Taskbar Settings" button will pop up, click it.

2. The Personalization page with taskbar settings will open. Here, you'll see a list of taskbar items with options to show or hide various taskbar buttons, including chat and widget icons.

3. Turn off the chat and widget options one by one. When you close chat, you'll notice its icon disappears from the taskbar. When you close the Widget, its icon also disappears.

4. Finally, log out of Windows 11, and then log back in, you will no longer see the chat and widget icons in the taskbar.

The whole operation process is very simple, just delete the icon from the taskbar, you can prevent these two applications from starting the corresponding process, the saved Windows 11 system resources can be used for other applications.

If you want to resume using the chat or widget programs later, simply turn their toggles on in the taskbar settings.

How to completely remove widgets on Windows 11

You can also adjust the Windows Registry to completely remove widgets.

Open Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


Double-click the TaskbarDa REG_DWORD value.

Set the numeric data to 0.

Click the OK button.

Restart your computer.

If not, right-click the Advanced > New > DWORD (32-bit) Value option.

Name it TaskbarDa and assign it a value of 0. After restarting, you will find that the widget has disappeared.

This is the whole process of how to disable chat and widgets on Windows 11, If you want to improve the performance of Windows 11, please refer to the above methods.