By Dervish / Last update January 10, 2022

Recently, Google announced that it will extend Chrome browser support for Windows 7 systems until January 2023. Previously, Google’s date for this deadline was July 15 this year, and then extended to next year. Now Google once again announced the extension for nearly one year.

Previously, Microsoft stated that the Windows 7 Home Edition update support will officially end on January 14, 2020, but the enterprise version and enterprise users can subscribe to the extension for security updates. The time will expire in January 2023, which means that users still There are more than 2 years to choose to update. It is precisely because of this that Chrome will extend the support of time synchronously. During this period, Windows 7 will still be updated safely and steadily.

Google’s note on the support page reads: Chrome browser will only receive security and stability updates, similar to Microsoft’s handling of updates for Windows 7 devices that have subscribed to ESU. Google has not explained too much about the new advanced features, and we can see more in future updates.