By Dervish / Last update January 13, 2022

CCleaner is a software that many people have used. It is known as the world's largest cleaning software, with more than 130 million users. It was blocked by Microsoft two years ago because of virus infection, but this software is now on the Win11 store, download and install More convenient, no need to find a third-party platform.

You can find the download by searching for CCleaner in the Win11 store. At present, there are no user ratings and evaluations after downloading and using. I don’t know if more language introductions will be added later.

CCleaner is a well-known cleaning tool that has become famous since the XP era, with more than 130 million installations worldwide.

In 2017, AVAST, a well-known Czech anti-software company, acquired Piriform, the parent company of CCleaner, and announced a strong alliance.

But after the acquisition of CCleaner, AVAST has a lot of troubles. Because this software is too famous, it has been hacked many times. It was hacked once in 2017, resulting in 2.27 million users installing the tampered CCleaner software and infecting at least 1.64 million computers.

After being attacked in 2017, AVAST had to change the architecture of CCleaner software to improve security, but it still failed to stop hackers. In September 2019, CCleaner was breached again, causing the software to be blocked by Microsoft for a time.

Finally, because CCleaner is famous for a long time, users in many countries around the world are still using this software, but it has also become bloated and even has rogue advertisements. There are too much alternative software, such as AOMEI Partition Assistant is much better than CCleaner, Not only not rogue but also free. In addition, it also provides users with other commonly used functions of defragmenting disks.