By Dervish / Last update February 10, 2022

Have users encountered the situation that the C drive is full after Win10 update when using a Windows 10 computer? Do you know how to solve it? This article aims to tell you how to solve the problem that the C drive is full after Win10 update.

Method 1. Clean up the disk

1. First open "This PC", right-click the C drive, select Properties, and click "Disk Cleanup".

2. Then select "Clean up system files" in the opened window.

3. A window will pop up, just wait.

4. In the interface that pops up again, select the file to be deleted, select "Previous Windows Installation" from the list, and click OK.

5. Start to clean up the excess files on the C drive.

Method 2. Change the desktop storage location

1. Find "This PC" and open it, find the desktop on the left side of the window, right-click and select "Properties".

2. Then in the Properties window, change the desktop file save location to a disk other than the C drive, and click OK.

Method 3. Change system storage settings

1. Use the shortcut "Win+I" to open the settings, find the system and click to enter.

2. Then find Storage on the left side of the window and click to expand.

3. You can turn on "Storage Sense", and the system will regularly clean up files according to the settings. You can also select under "System" to delete files or disks that need to be cleaned up.

4. Furthermore, you can also set under "More Storage Settings" in "Storage" to delete files.