By Dervish / Last update February 10, 2022

After Microsoft released the Win11 system, it also released the hardware configuration requirements of the Win11 operating system. One of the things that stuck a lot of computers was TPM2.0. Microsoft believes that the TPM2.0 chip can provide hardware-based isolation and encryption, which is conducive to combining the security features of the Windows 11 system to deal with threats and protect personal information. However, this hardware requirement is not necessary, and three methods have been discovered to bypass TPM2.0 detection. The following will provide you with two ways to bypass TPM2.0 to install Windows 11.

Two ways to install Windows 11 to bypass TPM 2.0

1. Change the registry

During the mirror installation, Win11 will prompt "This computer cannot run Win11".


Don't panic, press Shift+F10 on this interface, open the command line interface, enter regedit to open the registry, and then navigate to:


Create an entry called "LabConfig", then create two DWORD values ​​under "LabConfig":

The key is "BypassTPMCheck" and the value is "00000001"

The key is "BypassSecureBootCheck" and the value is "00000001"

After saving and exiting, the prompt in the above figure disappears, and you can install Win11 normally.

2. Modify the ISO image

Step 1. First prepare an 8 GB or above USB, and download Windows 10 installation media to the USB.

Step 2. Download the Windows 11 ISO file to the computer and mount it.

Step 3. Open it after mounting, find the Source folder and copy the install.wim file.

Step 4. Then open the created Windows 10 bootable USB in Windows Explorer and delete the install.esd file in the Source, and then paste the install.wim file you just copied. (If it prompts that the file is too large to be moved, you need to convert the USB to the NTFS file system first).

Step 5. Then run Windows 10 setup in USB and select the following options.

Step 6. When finished, Windows will restart the PC and ask you to upgrade your current Windows or install it on a new drive.

Step 7. Select upgrade your current Windows, you will see the Windows 10 installation interface, but in the end it installs Windows 11.

This will allow you to install Windows 11 on computers that do not meet the TPM2.0 requirements.