By Dervish / Last update December 27, 2021

On your Windows 11 desktop, will the automatically pop-up third-party advertisements and Microsoft suggestions ruin your Windows 11 experience? This is how to deal with them.

Although Windows 11 has a lot of admiration, there are still a few things that Microsoft has not done right, that is, it still adds advertisements to the system. Just like Windows 10, start a new Windows 11 PC and it will show ads. Fortunately, you can avoid advertisements by adjusting some settings.

Assuming you just see a pop-up window on the Windows 11 taskbar, it may be that the software asks you to perform an unwanted operation or reminds you of an unwanted function. The names of these items will vary depending on your PC manufacturer, but you can turn off these prompts under "Settings"> "System"> "Notifications".

Go to the notification list to see if the pop-up message belongs to these directories. When working on a Dell laptop, I found SupportAssist, Suggested, My Dell and Partner Promo.

You can even go to "Settings"> "Applications"> "Applications" to uninstall some specific software if you don't need it.

Turn off Windows suggestions and tips

In addition to advertisements for third-party software, Windows will also prompt you with some tips on how to use specific features. Assuming you don’t want to see these pop-up windows, please check the lower part of the “Notification Settings” page and uncheck “Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device” and “Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows”.

Close notification


You can also close the advertisement notification in the advertisement prompt window. Click on the time in the lower right corner to find the ad you want to close. Click the three-dot icon and choose to close all notifications to disable the software's advertising.

Close ads from file explorer

Microsoft even advertised in File Explorer to promote its OneDrive and Office 365 document synchronization management. To process them, open the file explorer and capture the three-dot symbol in the top lace. Select the option to open a talk box and capture the view tab. Under the advanced settings, observe that the synchronization supplier notification is displayed and uncheck the option.

Prohibit personalized Ads


Windows provides you with a unique advertising ID in the name of providing you with more relevant advertisements. Cancel them via Settings> Privacy & security> General. Disable the switch next to Let apps use my advertising ID to show me personalized ads.