By Dervish / Last update January 19, 2022

Microsoft needs everyone to like Windows 11, but it can't avoid a lot of problems, even some surprising ones.

Compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 has many improvements. Whether it is a new UI design, or support for Android applications. Users actually have many reasons to upgrade to Windows 11. But before you do, you should know 4 issues that Windows 11 needs to fix:

1. The UI version is inconsistent

Microsoft has wanted to retire the old Windows UI since Windows 8, but even if Microsoft had this idea, the traditional Windows UI still exists after all these years.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has made an extensive update to the Windows UI. On Windows 11, Microsoft continues to redesign the Windows UI, which makes Windows 11 look more technological and fresh than Windows 10.

However, UI inconsistencies in Windows 11 are a more obvious problem. On the one hand, Windows 11 has a sleek design, on the other, the old control panel is still there. Also, some old designs have not been abandoned. This makes the user look like a mashup, rather than a brand-new UI.

2. Limitations of the Windows 11 taskbar

While Windows 11's taskbar looks modern, it's unavoidable that it lacks the basic functionality that a taskbar should have.

For the user, you can't resize or move the taskbar; you can't view the time and date on multiple monitors; and even the context menu that pops up when you right-click the taskbar has no customization options.

To put it bluntly, Microsoft needs to fix the taskbar and make sure it functions like Windows 10. Here's the thing, Windows 11's taskbar feels rushed and underwhelming.

3. Limitations of Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft has made a major upgrade to the Windows 11 Start menu, it has no live tiles, and the important list of all apps in Windows 10 is gone, Windows 11 can pin apps to the Start menu and view recommended or most used apps program.

The Windows 11 Start menu has a lot of problems, and the most annoying thing is that when you delete a suggested application, it leaves a lot of free space in the lower part of the Start menu, which is stupid.

To put it bluntly, Microsoft has changed or removed a lot of useful features from the new start menu, causing a lot of trouble for customers, and if Microsoft needs Windows 11 to be the best Windows yet, it has to provide users with customized Windows 11 Start menu options.

4. Windows 11 has many residual problems

Looking back, Windows 7 was the perfect, no-issue operating system that Microsoft released. Unlike several other versions are full of bugs. Unfortunately, Windows 11 has also joined these versions.

Problems that existed in Windows 10 are still not improved in Windows 11. For example, the PrintNightmare vulnerability. While Microsoft promises to fix the problem, PrintNightmare is still running wild until it does.

Bottom line: Windows 11 has a tough start, but huge potential

Microsoft seems to have launched Windows 11 in a hurry, and many features are either half-baked or outright absent, and there are many residual problems, so Microsoft has a lot of work to do. But putting these issues aside, we can see that Windows 11 has a lot of potential, and hopefully Microsoft will fulfill that potential, we'll see.