Backerupper - amwrtdrv.sys causing BSOD on Windows 10

All of a sudden I am getting the blue screen of death on my Windows 10 Pro X64 system.
The culprit is amwrtdrv.sys.
Does anyone have any info on this?



  • We are still working on the issue.
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    I'm also having this issue (with version 4.5.1 but it also happened with the previous version), it started a couple of weeks ago. I have two daily scheduled backups. The odds of the crash are about 1 to 10. It seems to happen at the end of either backup...

    The log says the backup was successful but the backup is actually corrupted.

    Is there a workaround?

    Here is a windbg output:

  • Sept 14 2018:  Any updates to this?  I'm on version 4.5 and both Backupper Pro and BAckupper Technician versions  and it still happens. I've reinstalled my computer numerous times swapped hardware, updates, drives, etc.  I've now narrowed it aomei backupper. If I plug in usb drives and schedule jobs it may run once, maybe a couple times but it WILL lock up. Screen black as if in power save but like others, no mouse or keyboard. Can unplug, replug, add diffent usb devices but it never comes back.  If I don't schedule any jobs, even if Aomie service is running in memory but no jobs run then my computer will run for weeks with never an issue. 
    As soon as I start backups again, lockups, no usb and have to hard power or reset button.
     It's clearly backupper and it's probably running something out of resources but it's really irritating now.  
    I own backupper pro and backupper technician plus versions and it does the same thing in both.  It happens in 4.1 and 4.5.    Anyone have a fix for this yet?
    Thank you for any assistance.
  • it seems to be more stable if you don't use shadow copy. My computer did not crash since I switched this setting. (for a few days now)
  • Same thing on my system... has been going on for over 6 months.... happens when a backup is scheduled using the service or Windows Task... manually running backup works fine... WhoCrashed says it is its the amwrtdrv.sys file causing the crash everytime... 3 other computers running same Aomei Backupper laterst rev 4.5.2 have no problems... no idea where to turn next... Acronis TI 2018 working just fine ( I use use 2 backup programs just to be sure)
  • Any news on this? Not using VSS is better but it still makes the system unstable as it locks the files being backed up. If Windows is doing something important at this time it may also freeze the computer.

    I also have to run AOMEI main interface in limited graphical mode (though windows shortcut) else it makes the whole windows interface to become sluguish and unusabel until the graphical driver is restarted(ctrl+shift+win+B)... (I reported this particular issue at least a year ago...)

    Have you lost your main developper? What's happening? I'm seriously considering switching software, the lack of reply is not helping...

    I've updated to the latest version released since my last post and switched back to VSS to see if it's fixed (nothing in the changelog seems to indicate this possibility though... *fingers crossed*).
  • Sorry,  we haven't found the solution yet.
  • 2,5 months are gone. Several updates came, but the problem here is more often than before the updates. If it doesn't give a solution, I can't use Aomei any longer. Several crashes every week need to much time.
  • I am experiencing same issue as described above.  Current  version 4.6.1 although I was seeing the same prior to the update.

    What is the status on this bug? 
    When do you expect to release a fix?

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    I was watching as this happened to me. After a backup I got a BSOD. It said it was collecting data and would restart but never did. After a few minutes the screen went dark. Like the screen was going to sleep but it never got completely black. There was a slight backlight glow to the monitor. (This was also my first clue I had a problem when I woke up in the morning and looked at my PC. I let it run 24/7 and Aomei runs a backup during the night. If it locked up after a backup I'd see this glow instead of a black screen.) Like others, at this point the mouse and keyboard were inop. I would have to do a reset to be able to use the PC. This has happened multiple times these past few weeks but only on my PC. My wife's PC hasn't had the problem yet it is also on 24/7 and runs an Aomei backup each night. Both running Win10 Home, 64 bit, ver 1809. This is not good.
  • I am experiencing BSOD at the end of the daily backup.  The error is IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and the crash dump analysis points to amwrtdrv.sys.  Backupper Professional Edition V 4.6.3.  Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, V1809.
  • Do You use the the patch?

    Post from 2019/06/05.

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