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AOMEI Backupper Pro fails after WIndows 10 Anniversary Update

I have been using Backupper Pro for several years now, always working OK. Using the latest version.

However, after Windows 10 Anniversary Update the backup schedule does not seem to work anymore.

It doesn't matter if I schedule it through the Windows task scheduler or through Backupper's own service.

The program backups correctly for four times according to the set schedule.

After those four times the program refuses to make another backup with that schedule.

I can only do a manual backup or make a new backup schedule that then runs for only four times.

I am sure I have set the schedules and options correctly because I have exported them before doing the Anniversary Update (when everything was working OK for months) and imported them afterwards.

If I check the Windows task scheduler it says for instance that a new run is due at 6:00 PM, but when that time arrives the program doesn't start and it just skips to the next time due for a backup. The time of the last run doesn't change either, it remains the same as the time of the last successful backup. There is no error code in the Windows task scheduler either (it remains 0x0), it is as if the program just didn't run and was just skipped.

If I set the backup schedule through Backupper's own service the same thing happens. If I then reboot the program does start at login (this is the extra option when running a backup through the own service, not available through Windows task scheduler). I can see it starts because the icon appears in the tray, but then the whole computer freezes and I have to do a hard reset.

Can anyone confirm this? Most strange behavior...



  • I now have reinstalled the program.

    As it turned out my antivirus/firewall program (Kaspersky) blocked vsscom.exe from running. I have corrected this and hope everything works OK now... :)

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    Well, reinstall and changing Kaspersky didn't help.

    If have narrowed down the problem further:

    ===> a simple reboot seems to break the ability of Backupper to run a scheduled backup.

    If you have a scheduled backup set and you do a reboot every backup after that reboot will fail, you have to delete the schedule and reschedule.

    Can anyone confirm this problem of Backupper in combination with Windows10 Anniversary Update? If so, can AOMEI please correct this bug?

    I can remember we had a similar problem after the upgrade from Windows8 to 8.1 or was it from 8.1 to 10... Don't we all love these continuing updates of Windows image

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    Additional information:

    the Security Certificates of the following files are indicated as expired:

    AOMEI Tech, info.exe

    AOMEI Volume Shadow Copy Complement, vsscom.exe

    I don't know if that has got anything to do with it, but you never know.

    B.t.w. also another backup program (Macrium Reflect) has scheduler problems after Anniversary Update, don't know if it has the same root cause.

    Temporary solutions in their forums (run Windows scheduler with option "Run only when user is logged on" or run configured for "Windows 10" do not seem to work with Backupper.

    I do hope that AOMEI can solve this problem, it is driving me crazy... image

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    Sorry for the late reply. Please try to create a new scheduled backup task to see if it is work now. If not, hope you can send us the log folder in the installation directroy.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I recreated a schedule and rebooted.

    I will send a comment with the logfiles if and when the problem reoccurs.

    I hope the problems stay away.

  • Unfortunately, after the first backup (which ran when creating the schedule) and a reboot the scheduled backups were just skipped.

    I have attached thelogfiles and a backup of my settings.



  • And some more logfiles after some more testing....

    BTW my disks are all GPT disks: I see sometimes MBR read failed in the logs.

    And after reboot and failing backup I see: Not found abcore.

    All very disturbing to  me...


  • Thanks for your log, we will test it ASAP. But for the latest windows 10 anniversary version, we do not test it in the current version. But we will improve it in the next new version.

  • OK, so for the time being I just make manual backups. I hope a new version with support for Windows10AU will come very soon.

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    It is known that the Windows Scheduler in the Windows 10 anniversary update is a new one, buggy one, different from version 1.0 running from XP thru W10-1511. In other applications massive re-programming of the scheduling was known to be required.

    You got the Windows 10 anniversary update, 1607, too fast.

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    here are scripts to kill the forced updates. tested on Windows 10 - 1511. With them one can avoid obtaining the Windows10 AU update, aka Win10 1607. Actually one gets rid of all Windows updates, and has then control about when to check for and install them. The scripts include disable, enable updates and query the update state, and disable, enable telemetry, and query the telemetry state.

    imagewin10 update administration scripts.zip

    The scripts to enable or disable need to be run as administrator, the query scripts run with user privilege.

    I disable updates wherever the push-updates would be disruptive.

  • I have read of more problems with programs not working together correctly with the new Windows Scheduler. In this case Backupper does not work well with this scheduler in Win10AU, but also if I schedule a backup with Backupper's own service (so not through the Windows Schulder) these backups are missed.

    I think there's more going on with this new Win10AU and I hope that the people of AOMEI manage to solve these problems with missed backups after a reboot. I have tested Backupper on a clean new installation of Win10AU and the mentioned bugs are present there so it is not just my installation.

    I am just wondering why I seem to be the only one reporting these problems, there should be more people affected.

  • Sorry for all your guys. As you know, the win10 anniversary version is the latest system. We do not test it in the3.5 version. So please give us more times, we will test and improve it in the next new version. We will release the new verison quickly. Sorry again for the inconvenience again.

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    We really need a update for Backupper to work Windows 10 anniversary the software is almost useless now.

  • Hi Aomie,

    There is already this fix?

  • No, we are testing more functtionalities in the windows anniversary verison. Please give us more time.

  • It is close to a month now since the release of windows anniversary edition could we have ETA when a patch or new version that works with windows anniversary will be ready ?

    I had to install another 3rd party backup program.

  • We are testing it, but we will improve it in the next version. And we also solve other small problem of the software. Sorry for the inconvnience.

  • Thank you for the answer but could you Please give ETA

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    And now 5 weeks past the launch of Windows10 Anniversary Update I still have a copy of AOMEI Backupper Pro that does not work together with the latest OS of Microsoft... very unhappy... image Please, when will the update come?

  • We are testing it. But we just can fix it in the next version. And we will also do some improvement in the next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • And now more than 6 weeks that I cannot use Backupper Pro because it is incompatible with Windows10 Anniversary Update... image  When will the update come, next week? Next year?

  • Hey Aomie much delay for this to be corrected and that's not counting the Aomie PE Bulilder always blue screen.

    competing programs are now all fully updated on this issue. Very simple just ask to Microsoft and they send the signed drive.

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    Maybe all programmers are on holiday, and customers have to wait like a sitting duck...image

    I cannot understand this, 2 weeks ago Admin said update was coming soon... ?!?

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    I think the underlying problem here is that Aomei intends to fix this in the next major version only. And before this one is released, aside from fixing this specific problem, they have to fully develop & test all new (and unrelated) features of that new major version.

    In a situation like this, in which many users cannot use the software at all, imho they should just patch the existing version (i. e. without any new features) with the goal of fixing this problem as soon as possible.

    After releasing that patch (aka "hot fix") asap, they can take whatever time is needed to develop any new features.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I agree, just a quick fix to make it possible to use the software again, no new features are necessary to do so.

    If AOMEI wants to make a new version with new features they have automatically more time, without customers complaining they have software that they cannot use.

    But besides that, in this forum it was promised that a new version or update would come soon,... be when is soon, we are already waiting a long time like sitting duck.

  • 可怜的程序猿image,希望bug尽快修好image

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    SITTING DUCK +1 image

  • Sitting duck must wait a very long time for update, sitting duck is becoming very old crow.

  • I disabled the requirement to have signed drivers in Windows 10. I don't know why MS continues to treat eveyone like babies. Here's a website that describes how to do that:


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