What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI?



  • @admin: where are the promised Licenses? The deadline ist over since more than 1 month.

    because i already own a technican backupper i´d like to get a licence of the partition manager

  • Very good product, still some glitches but so has competition. Simple, clear and easy to use, and no bloatware.

  • @vagn_32,@cpohts,@Flyer,@norbert,@Mooly,@West_El,@fchateau,@collieman,@kiadmin,@webaccounts,@wito

    Dear AOMEI Users!

    Thank you for your comments about "The first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI". Some of you have already left a message about which product you'd like to have as the reward, but some have not. 

    So if you have not yet left a message about which product you'd like to have, please leave another message about it. 

    For those who have already  left the message about gift, we'll send you the license and download link of the product to the Email of your forum account.

    Best Regards!

  • i am interested in one of the licenses of course. because i already own the backupper, i ´d like to get one for the partition version.

  • @cpohts hi there, thanks for your feedback.  You mentioned "support isn't as responsive as businesses need", is it because you think it usually takes too much time to reponse? Can you give us more details or suggestions about this? Your ideas are really important to us. Thank you.

  • @vagn_32, Hi Vagn, thanks for your support and the image! Actually I showed the image to all AOMEI staffs and it did encourage us all! It is our hornor to have such user like you! Thank you, sir!

  • @Flyer, Hi there, thank you for giving us so many suggestions and ideas about this topic! You mentioned "documentation woefully outdated and incomplete", is it referred to the texts on the user interface of our software or the content on our website? Thank you

  • edited December 2017

    On the content of your online "help" pages. An example would be on creating a bootable disk. Your documentation still makes it seem like you are stuck in Windows 7 dealing with AIK instead of ADK which is used in Win 10. Also notes about using NAS as your destination drive. Emphasizing it should be using a static IP address would elimate many problems I see on the forum about NAS not finding backup. I had that problem and it seems many others do to. I could list many more if you would like.

    (I still haven't received free license yet. I would like to use it for a Christmas gift.  Thank you)

  • @Flyer, Hi Flyer, thanks for your feedback. Which of the professional software would you like to have as your gift? Backupper of Partition Assistant?

  • @norbert Hi Norbert, thanks for your feedback. Will send you the license of Partition Assistant Professional to your Email this Friday.

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