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  • @Admin, I received the email, Thank you
  • Hello all.

    I use Rollback Rx Pro. It is very fast to create a snapshot and restore a snapshot. On previous OS Windows 7 it plays good. On Windows 10 the snapshots are sometimes corrupted and not reliable software.

    I tried Aomei Backupper Pro. I got a giveaway license. Aomei was little slow but looks reliable. Images check was good. It was easy to do things with Aomei. I performed the functions with no help and issues. I tried a restore too. It took little time but was successful and good. I formatted the system and the giveaway license said invalid.

    I liked Aomei. I came here to check the forums and all. I saw this thread and a chance to receive a license. I hope and will be very happy to receive a Aomei Backupper Pro license. Hope this little explanation is good.

    Sorry for not good english.

    Thanks all.
  • @Pathduck  Hi there, thanks for your feedback and your support for our localization.
  • @rasu
    Hello, thanks for your feedback and your suggestions can be really helpful for us.

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  • akuaku
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    I am new to imaging programs. Many users and experts recommend Macrium and Aomei to majority of users. I tried Macrium free and liked it. They don't provide Incremental backup function in the free version. I checked Aomei provide Incremental backup in their free version. I tried Aomei Backupper free and liked it too. I am running backupper free for a couple months now. I did come across users reviews or posts on forums mentioning its reliable but slow. So speed improvements should be your top priority for upcoming version or major upgrade. Many good suggestions given here to improve the product and usability like boot menu option, interface overhaul, live chat support, etc. +1 for the suggestions.  I tried assistant too to extend the partition size. I was litttle worried but went fine. I am interested in both the programs licenses ;) :)

    Why the name backupper?
  • Hello
    You can lose important data, personal photos, videos, software license and all, accidently, malware infection, hard disk issues and etc. Backup is the most effective protection for all your stuffs. And Aomei is one of the best backup software. I have been using Aomei Standard for some time now on my family shared desktop and personal laptop. It has never let me down. No issues whatsoever. I take backup once in a week or 15 days of my systems. It is easy to use and understand and set the job. I was searching with google for Aomei Pro giveaway or promo and didn't find a current promo. Some vendors offer free license for review or hold giveaway for forum users, etc. I thought let us check the forum and was pleasantly surprised to see this thread. I decided to join and comment and share the experience. I like Aomei Backupper and will be happy to get a license and enjoy the Pro version. You people are generous. Thank you.
  • backup. simplicity in design. ease of use. lots of features. aomei backupper (although i do feel that aomei partition manager is also good and does come to mind when thinking of which app to use for that function).
  • I have been working with the AOMEI crew as a Beta Tester on their Backupper product line.
    Your Tech Support is good. At least you respond to emails within 24 hours.
    Your products are a bit slow, they need to run faster and you need to release a 64 bit version.
    It would be great if your compression scheme made better use of multicore processors.

    I am finding it very hard to find another product that replaces AOMEI.
    Your competition has some good products but they are always lacking in some feature that AOMEI has covered.

    If you could tweak the speed and come out with a PE application that captures all of the hardware drivers
    so that it boots with total support for all your hardware, I think you will be way above the competition.

    Keep up the good work !!!

  • Hello, Did you send the license? I didn't receive it. Thanks
  • @aku Hi there, thanks for your feedback and support
  • @pinip
    Hi there, thanks for your feedback and we'll send the license to you by email
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    Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. 
  • Hello Admin,
    I received the license. Thanks a lot.
    Best Regards
  • Thank you for the product license !
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