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  • My first exposure to Aomei was OneKey Recovery.  I was looking for a system recovery tool to replace the tools integrated with Windows and different tools provided by different OEMs - to standardize computer builds with one recovery system regardless of computer manufacturer or OS.  OKR was the only tool I found that did that - and with a built in F11 boot option.  I think of Aomei as a relatively young company focused on recovery tools.  But support isn't as responsive as businesses need.  And the licensing/pricing by product is more complex than needed and not identical across products.

  • When I see Aomei Backupper is also in the photo! More Aomei on computers.


    Good would also be backups secsays say when done an already power immediately is done the same backup in another unit. You have finished backup on the Hitachi drive and started on another drive like a Seagate.

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    The first thing that comes to mind is a company that provides a good product for a reasonable price. I have only used Backupper Pro since January and the only real problem I've run into was in creating a bootable recovery disk. Support did help me with this early on and since then I've had no problems either doing a backup or in testing a restore.

    That being said, I still find the documentation woefully outdated and incomplete when compared to other backup programs that are available. I don't know if language differences enter into this problem or if something else is involved.

    I've been able to receive help using this forum from other users with other small issues I've run into but not much from the forum admins. This again may be a language issue. I've also tried to help on the forum with my limited knowledge of this product and feel this venue is a great way for all users to assist each other.

    Although there seem to be a lot of forum posts, I think the number is acutally smaller than with other backup or security products. If you look at Norton or Malwarebytes, their forums seem to be deluged with product problems every day. So in general I would think AOMEI products are running fairly well for most users. 

    I used Norton Ghost for many years and I find AOMEI's Backupper Pro to be a good follow on product to use for that discontinued program. Product updates and improvements are always appreciated and I will continue using AOMEI fully expecting things will only get better.

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    a real good backup and recovery software with a lot of potential for future developments

  • The first thing for me would probably be to think of a company that does not seem to get very much exposure or recognition on popular forums. When AOMEI does get a mention it is considered competent, but it also never seems to be the recommended or 'obvious' choice.

    Having used AOMEI Backupper briefly a couple of years ago, and now more actively I can not understand this. My only real complaint with Backupper would be the small window size it uses for its interface and also some less than perfect grammer and sentence contruction in the various message boxes. The fact you acknowledge this does actually earn your company more respect, as does the way you engage with your user base.

  • AOMEI is competently cute.  The programs work well but have odd, yet predictable flaws.

    AOMIE obviously uses translators whose primary language is NOT English.  The company would take a huge leap forward simply by hiring a well-trained English editor to rework all of the semi-translated presentations into refined English.

    A competent English editor would be able to catch the flaws that Flyer mentioned (documentation woefully outdated and incomplete).

    Secondly, as Mooly mentioned, the window sizes are woefully small.  Like they're designed by a little old man with a really small computer screen.  The secondary windows in Backupper are ridiculously small.  You can't see all of checkboxes.  And this has gone on FOR YEARS.  My guess would be that the designers are using a screen resolution that is standard for their locale but not for the rest of the world.

    Several years ago I used AOMIE free Backupper.  My computer was hacked and I had to take it to a repair shop.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they endorsed AOMIE Backupper.  BTW: The repair shop got my computer running again but installed a retro Windows start screen.  I used my system copy from Backupper to restore my computer back to exactly the way it was before it went down.

    Right now, AOMEI has a great market opportunity if they use it.  I recently purchased Partition Assistant.  However, the standards have changed from BIOS to UEFI.  Backing up a Windows 10 system is not nearly as straightforward as it was back in the days of XP.  Back then I used a program called Partition Commander by Avanquest.  Copying the XP system partition and restoring it though BIOS was the way to go.

    Today, after I finish writing this, I will be purchasing OneKey Recovery.  I would have purchased it a couple of days ago but AOMEI had not updated their website to indicate that OneKey Recovery will backup Windows 10.  And THAT'S the opportunity: flawlessly backing up Windows 10.

    I have replaced Backupper free with Cobian Backup.  But that doesn't cover the system backup.  Any company that offers an easy and foolproof way to backup Windows 10 should do well if they market it correctly.

    For those of us who were raised with BIOS, the new UEFI standard has made system backup a little more challenging.  I have only half tested OneKey Recovery (the free version will not store a system backup to an external drive).  But from what I've seen so far, OneKey Recovery has a great sales potential.

  • I used AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard for over six months, and eventually switched to PRO.

    Best partition product I ever used. I have come to rely on it, especially for handling the new GPT format and UEFI BIOS's. It is not just the great features it includes that impress me. After reviewing all the features, and reading the documentation, I get a good feeling about the people who are writing this software, as in they really seem to know what they are doing. That gives me good confidence in whatever task is required. I don't worry if it's going to damage the drive or data.

    I made a recommendation for AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard on Amazon.com today. There's a new Mushkin 1TB drive that is real state-of-the-art and at and absolutely unbelivable price, but it doesn't come with any cloning software. I posted online that I much perfer using AOMEI Partition Manager than any of the software that comes with any of the drives.

  • My first thought when I see Aomei is that it no longer works correctly.  It served me well for years but now maybe due to Win 10 it no longer works like it used to.

  • i never heard before, but now it´s a real stable and working solution for our backups.

    dont stop to develop and do more and more improvements into this nice piece of software

  • I like the product.  Would be nice to include typical drivers on the PE's like IRST, usb3 and some of the nvme drivers.  Right now I have to "add" them to the PE everytime I update the PE.

  • @admin: where are the promised Licenses? The deadline ist over since more than 1 month.

    because i already own a technican backupper i´d like to get a licence of the partition manager

  • Very good product, still some glitches but so has competition. Simple, clear and easy to use, and no bloatware.

  • @vagn_32,@cpohts,@Flyer,@norbert,@Mooly,@West_El,@fchateau,@collieman,@kiadmin,@webaccounts,@wito

    Dear AOMEI Users!

    Thank you for your comments about "The first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI". Some of you have already left a message about which product you'd like to have as the reward, but some have not. 

    So if you have not yet left a message about which product you'd like to have, please leave another message about it. 

    For those who have already  left the message about gift, we'll send you the license and download link of the product to the Email of your forum account.

    Best Regards!

  • i am interested in one of the licenses of course. because i already own the backupper, i ´d like to get one for the partition version.

  • @cpohts hi there, thanks for your feedback.  You mentioned "support isn't as responsive as businesses need", is it because you think it usually takes too much time to reponse? Can you give us more details or suggestions about this? Your ideas are really important to us. Thank you.

  • @vagn_32, Hi Vagn, thanks for your support and the image! Actually I showed the image to all AOMEI staffs and it did encourage us all! It is our hornor to have such user like you! Thank you, sir!

  • @Flyer, Hi there, thank you for giving us so many suggestions and ideas about this topic! You mentioned "documentation woefully outdated and incomplete", is it referred to the texts on the user interface of our software or the content on our website? Thank you

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    On the content of your online "help" pages. An example would be on creating a bootable disk. Your documentation still makes it seem like you are stuck in Windows 7 dealing with AIK instead of ADK which is used in Win 10. Also notes about using NAS as your destination drive. Emphasizing it should be using a static IP address would elimate many problems I see on the forum about NAS not finding backup. I had that problem and it seems many others do to. I could list many more if you would like.

    (I still haven't received free license yet. I would like to use it for a Christmas gift.  Thank you)

  • @Flyer, Hi Flyer, thanks for your feedback. Which of the professional software would you like to have as your gift? Backupper of Partition Assistant?

  • @norbert Hi Norbert, thanks for your feedback. Will send you the license of Partition Assistant Professional to your Email this Friday.

  • @Mooly, thank you for your ideas about "exposure and recognition" and the small-size-window problem. Will report these issues to our project manager. Please leave a comment about which software would you like to have as your gift so we can send you the license as soon as possible.

  • @West_El, Hello West, thanks for your continuously support and the suggestions about "Language", "User Interface". We'll try to do a better work in the future. Can you leave another comment about which software you'd like to have as your gift so we can send it to you by Email?

  • @fchateau, Hi there, thank you for your support and recommendation for AOMEI Partition Assistant on Amazon.com. As you have already purchased Partition Assistant Professional, I guess you'd like to have AOMEI Backupper Professional as your gift. Please leave another comment to let us make sure. Thank you again!

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    I would be happy with a license from Aomei Backupper PRO. Ah! Thanks also to the Twitter user @lordsnow1234, because his tutorials are one of the best in my opinion.

    I was glad the employees liked it! Backupper really is a salvation!

  • @admin ;

    The offer of free software has come as a very pleasant (and unexpected surprise). Lets see... Backupper Professional please. I would certainly get the most use from that.


  • @admin.... A license for Partition Assistant Pro would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • @collieman, Hey there, thanks for your feedback. Can you give us more details about Win10 issue so we can modify it in our future version? Thank you! And also, please leave another comment about what software would you like to have as your gift so we can send you the license.

  • @kiadmin, Hi there, thanks for your encouragement, it really means a lot to us. And we feel extremely sorry for not rewarding our users in time. Can you leave another comment about which software you'd like to have as your gift so we can send the license to you by email.

  • @webaccounts, thanks for your feedback. AOMEI Backupper 4.0.6 has already supported creating bootable media based on Win10 PE which contains many typical drives like usb 3.0, NVME drivers, etc. Please leave another comment about which software you'd like to have as your gift so we can send you the license by Email.

  • @wito, Hi Wito, thanks for your support and feedback. Please leave another comment about which software you'd like to have as your gift so we can send you the license by Email

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