What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI? (Closed)



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    I already own One Key Recovery Pro, Backupper Professional and Partition Assistant Pro.

  • Just to say thanks for the free software.The license code and a download link was received next day.

    Product installed and working well, in fact I've already made use of some of the extra features. Also impressed by the way that all settings and tasks from the free version were correctly carried over, all shortcuts remained in place and work, as does my custom context menu to open AOMEI direct from right clicking the desktop.

    Whats not to like :)

  • all the comments and suggestions above are excellent. as a new paid user , i'd say - 1) pricing needs to be standardized, 2) english needs to be well written by an expert 3) customer service -  instead of emailing the codes & downloading software - whichis very frustrating, needs to be automated in a web portal / console, 4) Remote administration / Cloud features for management of backups needs to be adopted. 5) Help videos on youtube needs to be updated. Its an excellent backup program - now they just need to get their act together as teh competition is fierce. !

  • When I see AOMEI I just have positive emotions and what comes to mind is a company that for a short time zarekomendovala yourself, as a developer of a popular and excellent software.

    Because using the software from AOMEI Technology, we can confidently say that with proper use of any product with 99.99% probability they will do their work. Especially widely popular program AOMEI Partition Assistant and AOMEI Backupper.

    Especially nice that there's a fully functional free version, which in the basic configuration is able to perform the full range of basic tasks. Good news is that the software is constantly evolving and improving its functionality. 

    AOMEI Technology is always cares about its customers and therefore technical support is always at a high level. 

    I want to Express my gratitude, success in business and a lot of good products.

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    When I see Aomei...

    I think solid imaging software Aomei Backupper But why so slow Incrementals??

    I have good experience with Aomei Backupper Pro, Macrium Home & EaseUS Todo Home.

    Aomei Incrementals are slow, why??

    Big speed/time difference between Aomei & other software Incrementals.

    Daily Backup schedule

    C (system drive) backup only, D partition backup destination.

    Macrium Incrementals are mostly under 5 mins.

    EaseUS Incrementals are moslty under 3 mins

    Aomei Incrementals are mostly under 20 mins

    Aomei Incrementals speed/time are kinda Full backup.

    You guys need to improve Aomei Incrementals speed/time.

    I would love Aomei Backupper Pro license.



  • the first thing is 'what a bad company name'.. sorry, but it's true.

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    Dear Support Team, dear Developers,

    first of all thank you for providing AOMEI Backupper. I very much appreciate the fact that you also provide a free version with lots of functionallity.

    Your question "what comes to mind, when you see AOMEI" has many aspects. I try to answer related to a few of those:

    1) The name "AOMEI" unfortunately sounds a bit like "Oh dear" in German in my native language. But that is not important to me. On a second look, the name sounds modest and soft. I actually like a modest appearance, which keeps or outperforms on the promise, rather than boasting with nothing or little behind it. The name also fits the sympathetic an relaxed presentation of your product in the web.

    I also like that you provide an honest and transparent comparison of your tools. You openly state that the free version does not come with the tool to create the rescue CD. I very much like this compared to other competing tools, where you only find out from the web, that the rescue CD of the free version does not have any rescue capability... For me this is a reason not to buy the full version of those other tools. So I came to AOMEI to test your product. I am very happy to buy your product if my test is successful.

    2) As others said. The icon of the Backupper tool reminds one of the MS windows backup and recovery tools.

    3) The Backupper, when the program is opened in the home screen, looks inviting and easy to use. Also the menues are well structured. One has no problem to perform standard tasks.

    I would actually buy licenses of your Backupper for our family
    computers if my testing is successful. (I ran into some first issues which I will post in an appropriate thread in this forum. Maybe it is just me trying out your Backupper for the first time.)

    Best regards,


  • Dear all,

    just to follow up on my previous post.

    1) AOMEI could also be understood as "So what!" in local dialect. That is not so bad... "System crashed - 'So what!' - We did a backup" :)

    2) I was wrong to think that the free version does not allow to create a Rescue CD. In fact it does and the CD works. (Just test it to see if you can go by your original Win PE or if you rather use the one supplied by AOMEI on the Internet by setting the option "Download Win-PE environment from the Internet"...)

    Best regards,


  • @playmusician Hi there, your feedbacks are also quite excellent, will report your ideas to our project managers.

  • @kubik67 Hello, thanks for your feedback. will send your ideas to our project manager

  • @ya5hkh4n Hi there, thanks for your feedback about how we can imporve AOMEI Backupper, will report this issue to our developers

  • @winston_smith hello, thanks for your feedback

  • @robert_ Hi Robert, thanks for your feedback --- and you have even created another post to complement your first post. It is such an honor to have a user like you. Danke! 

  • Hello,

    What is the first thing comes to your mind when you see AOMEI?

    The first thing, AOMEI is a reliable and popular brand.

    I use Aomei Backupper Free. 

    I would like to suggest to give backupper a new interface, and improve the core functions backup and restore speed, improve incremental backup speed, and add fast incremental restore like Macrium, and keep innovating and improving the program.

    I am running backupper free for 10 months now with no issues. Reliability wise, Aomei is good, speed wise need improvements and so the above mentioned suggestions.

    Best Regards

  • Hi!

    When I see AOMEI, I think makers of excellent free and paid software. And thank you for making available free counterparts of paid software.

    I have tried Macrium free and Easeus free for a short time. I have used Veeam free for a long time. I am trying AOMEI free for little over a month.

    I have noticed that AOMEI every backup run anlyzes the whole disk or data again and this increase the time and the backup takes long time to complete.

    The above mentioned software don't analyze the full disk every time and backup doesn't take long to complete.

    It seems other mentioned software use some smart technology to analyze the data and don't need to rescan the total data everytime. And it seems AOMEI don't have such mechanism in their product or the technology is not effective.

    Hope AOMEI improve in this regards.

    And like others here have mentioned, new modern GUI and Icon would be good.


  • Hey guys!

    I see Aomei & think good software but needs few changes and improvements.

    I am a new backupper user & like it.

    need few changes-

    need new look. current look is kinda old & boring now.

    speed & reliability improvements are always welcome.

    boot menu entry to easy & quick access aomei recovery environment.

    have heard that license transfer to another system, aomei major upgrade require to contact support.. would be good if it is simple & easy like uninstall or remove license option to transfer license, enter old key & get new key during upgrade or automatic upgrade (lifetime upgrades license).

    Live Chat Support would be good.


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    Hi. I am going to clean install Windows 10 in a day or 2. Hope I receive the license soon. I will install Aomei and backup Windows at various stages like after Windows install, after drivers install, etc. Thanks.

  • When I see AOMEI I think....

    A nice piece of software!

    There are a few issues I would like to see improved.  ABNotify.exe worked at first then failed. It appears to have disappeard from the drive. I suspect the Virus Detection software removed it.  I would like to see a location on the Website screen to be able to download the file for re-installation into the AOMEI directory.  I have the Pro version and have been unable to find a safe location to download it from.

    Also the Windows PE program downloads to 99% then hangs.  It appears this has been a problem for awhile.

    I would also like to see the AOMEI window be floatable on the screen.

    I am new to the program, but do find it well laid out and comfortable to use.

    I thank you for the free version for it's intro into the software, as I stated I have since bought the Backupper Pro.

    If the free software offer is still offered, I would be pleased if you sent me the Partition Program. If not, I'm sorry I missed it.

  • It's been more than 2 months and not received the license yet. You going to give the license???

  • I use Aomei Server Addition and the first thing that comes to mind is -

    It happily makes backups, reports that the incremental backup has completed successfully.

    I check on by backup drive and yes, all AFI files are there.

    So I need a file because somebody deleted it accidentally and I think to myself, no
    problem, I have a nice backup going.

    I click RESTORE and to my surprise, only the first couple of backups are available for restoring. I think, THAT CANNOT BE and I click browse and all files are there.


    Again, Aomei screwed me.

    There is no phone number to call for support!
    And if you think this was "bad luck" and it will not happen again, you are wrong.

    This is the third time this happened!


  • satzinger 

    Did you try to create another folder and copy the files there? Did you check the image with the program? Could another person have tampered with the names of the files? With WINPE can not recover?

    In the forum there are no logs files for analysis, so you could send it to Aomei.

  • my first impression of AOmei is backup solution.

    I tried other options, when it comes to backing up desktop, and it always seemed to me that Aomei provided the easiest and simple method, yet with all the necessary features in order to perform a backup for my desktop and laptops.

    It even supports storage of backups on NAS, which is also great.

    My other familiarity with Aomei is the partition manager. though i don't frequently use this, whenever i do have something important requiring editing partition, i always look to aomeis app for this task.

    i'm not too familiar with onekey recovery app, but reading the description it seems similar in functionality to my Acer laptop that originally had a restore factory settings. So the aomei onekey recovery makes it possible to create a similar factory reset based on the created defaults, which is really useful.

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  • @Raka, Thanks for your feedback. Will report your suggestion about interface and backup & restore speed to our develop team
  • I was really sceptical at first, since AOMEI being a Chinese company and I was worried about support and language issues. But I tried the free versions and was very happy. They are 'perfect' software in that they do what they are meant to do, are easy to use, backups are fast, and include some other very useful features.

    I've since paid for the Pro versions of the software and very pleased with how smoothly it works. It has saved me from having to do a complete reinstall on several occasions. Thanks AOMEI!
  • @Nara, Hi Nara, thanks for your feedback about "Not to analyse the whole disk everytime". I think it is a really good point to be modified in the future.
  • @Satzinger, Hi there, really sorry for the problem that happened to you. Did you try to contact our customer support by sending the email to [email protected]? They reply to our customers within 24 hours. And if you'd like to, can you send a screen shot about "BUT I CANNOT SELECT THEM!" here and we'll try our best to help you out.
  • Hello Admin,

    I have posted Aomei review above in this thread here.

    I am user cyberdevil. My email was [email protected]

    I had issues. The forum look changed and then I wasn't able to login. I was getting invalid password. Another issue was my email [email protected] got blocked for no reasons. This is the 2nd time mail.com guys blocked my email for no reasons and presented me a form to fill to get back the account. The account didn't had anything important. I created new outlook account. And I registered again here.

    My username is cyberdeviI and email is [email protected]

    Please send me the license and any emails at [email protected]

  • @cyberdevil ; We have sent the email to [email protected]k.in, please check it.
  • Hi AOMEI,

    I am a AOMEI Backupper Pro user. I am very satisfied with it. It has worked reliably for 2 years now. AOMEI products are good and easy for novices too. I recommend to friends and interested users.

    There are 2 feedback I get most for AOMEI Backupper Pro.
    1. It is slow. Improve speed and provide a faster backup/restore.
    2. It looks old. Time to provide a new and modern interface.

    And, many vendors provide Live Chat support now. It provides instant help and saves time. It would be good to see Live Chat support.

    I was a MiniTool user. I use AOMEI Partition Assistant Free now and like it. I would love a Pro license.

    Thank you
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