Problem with AOMEI Backupper 5.8 & W10 Pro 2004

Upgraded my system a week ago to W10 2004 and every thing seems to be good.   This past weekend I noticed that Backupper Pro had an update to 5.8.  I installed it on my Virtual W10(2004) test system and all seemed ok, so installed upgraded the REAL SYSTEM.  Noticed "SHUTDOWN" and "RESTART" times exceeded 30sec (Normally less than 12sed) and also noticed that in my event viewer, there was a new entry concerning the shutdown of "AOMEI Backupper Scheduled Task Service" problem shutting down:

After disabling this task, the system "RESTARTS" and "SHUTDOWNS" in less than 12 sec.  

Please have AOMEI Tech support guys look into this problem. 

Note: AOMEI Backupper still runs with out this started task !


  • There's been some discussion of this buried in another thread.  I think you'll find that Backupper re-enables and starts the service in question.  You can manually stop the service just before reboot or shutdown to save a few seconds.  I'm seeing this with 1909, so the Win/10 version probably doesn't matter.  (The original poster didn't say what version of Windows they used.)
  • I assume this happens after using AOMEI Backupper ?  Mine is still disabled after several reboots of the OS.  
  • Hi, our technicians are still analyzing this issue, can you upload the log files in AOMEI Backupper installation directory?
  • Will do.  All Logs are from the 5/26/20 when I installed and first ran Backupper. 
  • @Storageman,
    Could you help us test the new AB service?
    Please still close the Backupper service under Task Manager -> Service, and then replace the file under the installation directory.
    If you still have the problem, could you send us log folder under C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI\AOMEI Backupper 5.8 again so that we check and analyze further?
    And, please also press "Win+R", and then run "cmd" to open windows command prompt, then type into the following command. After that, please send us the sysinfo.txt file under the root directory of C: drive.

  • I replaced ABService.exe, restarted the service and rebooted.  I still see the event log message "The AOMEI Backupper Scheduler Service service did not shut down properly after receiving a preshutdown control." and shutdown takes longer than usual.  Attached are sysinfo.txt and log files with time stamps around the time I did the test.

  • Hi Wssddc,
    Our technician has fixed the problem. Please download the new ABService.exe to the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper to replace. Please still close the Backupper service under Task Manager -> Service, and then replace the file under the installation directory.
  • Hi Wssddc,
    Sorry that our technician re-optimized the ABService.exe. Please download the latest one to replace.
  • The most recent abservice.exe above seems to fix the slow shutdown problem (and no more 7043 errors in the event log).  Thanks.
  • We will update the solution in the next version.
  • Yes the new ABService.exe fixes the problem. 
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