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Problem with AOMEI Backupper 5.8 & W10 Pro 2004

Upgraded my system a week ago to W10 2004 and every thing seems to be good.   This past weekend I noticed that Backupper Pro had an update to 5.8.  I installed it on my Virtual W10(2004) test system and all seemed ok, so installed upgraded the REAL SYSTEM.  Noticed "SHUTDOWN" and "RESTART" times exceeded 30sec (Normally less than 12sed) and also noticed that in my event viewer, there was a new entry concerning the shutdown of "AOMEI Backupper Scheduled Task Service" problem shutting down:

After disabling this task, the system "RESTARTS" and "SHUTDOWNS" in less than 12 sec.  

Please have AOMEI Tech support guys look into this problem. 

Note: AOMEI Backupper still runs with out this started task !


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