"Downloads" folder reported corrupted on mounted image

Tech Plus version installed on one computer (4.0.6)

OS Windows 7 SP1


Download folder (Fovorites\Downloads) on HDD2 (Redirected)

Performed full disk backup.

When I mount backed up Disk 2 as image - all folders are accessible except "Downloads"

Getting folder may be corrupted. And it show 0 byte in size.



  • Can you upload a screenshot of the error?

  • Please try to restore the backup to see if the Downloads folder is accessible.

  • I did disk backup, how do I restore one folder from disk backup?

    All I can select is a disk.  I thought mounting backup image was a way of granular restore.

  • Yes, mounting backup image is a way of granular restore but currently it's not working...

    You'll have to restore the whole disk backup, maybe you can restore to another disk.

  • or to a virtual disk.

  • I have to wait, I do not have extra capacity to do full restore

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