Leave Your Suggestion for AOMEI Backupper Network and Win Premium Version for FREE (Closed Already)



  • Centralized backup, do you have any reports to share management team? 

  • I have been using AOMEI Backupper PRO for several years, the technician version.

    I have around 18 servers with windows 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016, as well as 43 windows 10 workstations with windows XP, 7, 10 and Ubuntu.

    I am using AOMEI Backupper only to keep an offsite copy of the server’s OS hard disks.

    I do Full Backups of server’s applications directly on each server daily.

    I have created scripts to copy all server’s backup to one hard disk over the LAN from every server and it takes some time to copy all of them daily and to an external USB hard disk.

    My whish list.is:

    Add wake up remote for workstations and servers.

    Send notification and report on errors email for each task.

    Send alerts on drive storage space.

    Provide encryption for backup data and media.


  • I´m looking forward to this product, important for me that i does not use too many power (cpu,ram) and that it is possible to choice different folder from each computer ...

  • Network boot for backup restores
    Conversion tool to change format to hyper-v or ESXi compatible

  • In addition to
    those already mentioned, features I find useful:

    *  Ability to mount images from the server and extract files.  Sometimes all that is needed is one file not
    an entire restore.

    *  In addition to full system/bare metal backup, file backups
    can be helpful.  Select a folder and have
    its contents backed up to the server on a separate schedule much like
    Crashplan.  This can save time and network
    storage space because you don’t have to do as many full system / differential
    backups when you can just backup the changes in the selected folder(s) and do
    full system backups for larger changes.

    *  Multi User interface, preferably using Active
    Directory, with different roles for the users (ie. Backup tech, Report tech,
    Admin etc).

    *  Ability to tell the Server where the client
    machine is if it is not on the same subnet/vlan etc. – Manual client discovery 

  • Backup can create a 2nd replication to a 2nd location. Possible could storage option for off site storage. Create groups so spefic backups rules can be applied to computers in that group. Possible active directory intergration.

  • is centralized silent distribustion/push and option?  that would nice

  • Key things I want to see form the product:

    Template for Backups for server/workstation.

    Can it create shadow copies or true images that can be restore to the servers/workstations?

    Full integration into MS AD 

    Can it backup Virtual Enviroments?

    Full logging and e-mails reports.

    can it push to ftp or cloud storage?

    agents for multiple os not just windows, such as linux/mac.

  • @norbert,
    Hi norbert, thanks for your feedback. 
    about 1st, what can you give us more information about "grown sizes" and "expected size"?
    about 2nd: can you give us more details about "working state"?

    about 3rd: can you explain more about "maybe timed or filtered"?

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