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Reboot into Recovery Environment Ends Poorly

I recently installed Backerupper and tried to reboot into Recovery Environmnent, but got the following screen on reboot:

Help :)


  • Turns out the Path field was missing in the boot loader record.  Seems like a small detail :)

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    Mike, are you saying you were able to fix the issue? What caused it?

  • @Mike_E, Did you reboot into AOMEI Recovery Environment? Could you send the screenshot again? We can't see it in your post.
  • HI @admin thank you for your reply and pardon the delay here I never got a notification sent to my email for this post.

    Are you saying you cannot see this image? 


    Thank you for your reply as well @aiArtisan.  I was indeed able to fix this with the link I provided earlier.  However, it is unclear what caused this.  This machine appears to have a very bad install of Windows 10 that has been around since 2018.  I think with all the updates/upgrades and general registry edits it got into a really bad state.

    I've tried to survive as long as possible without doing a clean install but now I am to the point where I cannot log into AOMEI Recovery Environment (it blue screens).  Additionally, my OS freezes randomly all the time and it is most concerning.

    So, going through the steps now to finally take these steps.  There are a lot of configurations that I unfortunately need to capture.
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    Regardless of which recovery utility you want to boot to, Windows RE, Backupper RE, etc, the USB version is always more reliable.
  • @Mike_E, Did you still get ntoskrnl.exe? If yes, we will fix the error in the next version. You can try to create WinPE bootable USB to use. When you create WinPE USB, please check "Download WInPE Creating environment...." option.
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    "my OS freezes randomly all the time and it is most concerning."
    In my opinion, some uses enjoy CCleaner, but other users warn against using 3rd party Windows cleanup tools, that can accidentally damage the registry, or other areas.
  • @Mike_E, Did you still get ntoskrnl.exe?

    Hi @admin thank you for your continued assistance.  Please be aware that I was able to address this issue with the aforementioned fix in this post: https://www.aomeitech.com/forum/discussion/comment/19832/#Comment_19832

    > In my opinion, some uses enjoy CCleaner

    Thank you for the suggestion @aiArtisan.  Even after a new install of Windows 10, I was still getting freezes, so it appears to be a hardware issue.  After turning off overclocking on my motherboard, the freezing seems to have stopped at the moment, and I continue to monitor it.

  • Start > Windows Memory Diagnostic
    Cmd > SFC /Scannow
    Cmd > chkdsk

  • Thank you for your continued suggestions @aiArtisan.  I was familiar with the last two, but not the first one.  I ran the Memory Diagnostic just now and it said it could not find any errors.  The last two that I have ran previously return no errors either as it is a new install at this point. My hope/hunch is that the freezing was due to the overclocking applied the the CPU which has now been disabled.
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    Partition Assistant > Disk > Surface Check slow setting.
    Windows update > all updates, including optional updates, UEFI BIOS update.

  • The second one is a check, of course.  I do not have Partition Assistant.
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