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Backupper Error When Restoring ntoskrnl.exe


I'm receiving ntoskrnl.exe error when backupper attempts to restore. Backupper creates winPE and then reboots and receive error. Any thoughts on what's causing this and a fix?



  • @Tjk031, So, it hasn't yet started the restore? Could you reboot into Windows now? If yes, please try to create a WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Backupper, and then boot computer from WinPE media to do the restore again.
  • Thanks for the reply! Correct, error before the restore process. 

    I created USB media by downloading winpe environment and it worked. Seems like a windows update is breaking the function to restore without USB. 

    Is there a way to add downloaded winpe environment the backupper portable version or directly on machines running the portable version. We cannot create USB media to boot every time we restore.

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    Was this BIOS or UEFI, or UEFI-CSM
  • UEFI secure boot
    I'm thinking it has something to do with CVE-2023-24932 Security Vulnerability patches. When Windows updates to KB5027215 I receive the above error when winpe loads restore from a backup task as well as launching Recovery Environment 
  • @Tjk031, Maybe you can try to create a WinPE iso file via Tools--Create Bootable Media, then you can put the iso file to the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper. So, when you do the restore, it will call the iso file to boot into reboot environment.
  • @admin Thanks for your help, but I'm still struggling with this.

    Building ISO from from tools and adding ampe.iso to the root of the folder still has the same error.

    If I create a brand new winpe image using ADK (not in AOMEI) and create ISO and rename to ampe.iso located in the root of the backupper folder, winpe boots as it should but of course doesn't have backupper or boot to restore function.

    I think backupper PE Build Environment needs to be updated to a more recent version of winpe

  • @Tjk031, When you create the WinPE, please check if it checks "Download WinPE creating environment...". If yes, please try to download and install Windows ADK and Windows PE Addon. After that, please try to create WinPE with uncheck the option.
  • @Admin, I still receive the same error. Below are my steps

    1. Create Bootable WinPE (Tools, export to ISO, Check box Download WinPE creating environment
    2. Download Windows ADK 2004 & Install 
    3. Download WinPE Addon & install
    4. Create Bootable WinPE (Tools, export to ISO, Uncheck Check box Download WinPE creating environment
    5. Move ampe.iso to root of Backupper folder
    6. Kick off restore. Laptops reboots and receive the error when bootable image tries to load.

    I've had success booting winPE by manually creating a Winpe iso using ADK & WinPE above with DISM and rename the ISO to ampe.iso and place in the root of backupper folder. When I kick off a restore, machine successfully reboots to WinPE.

    I've tried multiple installs of Win10 with latest updates and all are consistently giving me the error.
  • @admin, Not sure if this helps or not with trouble shooting, but since I can boot from a WinPE ISO manually created through DISM, thought I'd give a try adding in Backupper components to the ISO manually. I copied over AmDriver folder, AomeiBackpper folder and winpeshl.ini file to system32 and re-created the ISO. I receive the ntoskrnl.exe error.

    I removed PeLoadDrv.exe command in winpeshl.ini, Re-created ISO and WinPE successfully boots and Backupper loads to kick off the restore but errors out with 4098. If I navigate to the restore file on the HDD restore partition and manually try to restore there is an error no disk found on your computer, I assume removing PeLoadDrv.exe is not loading the proper drivers to work, but when enabled is when I see the ntoskrnl.exe error when winpe tries to load.
  • @Tjk031, Could you try to use AOMEI PE Builder to create a WinPE iso to check again?
    If it still can't work, please temporarily use WinPE bootable USB to boot computer and do restore.
    We will need to submit the problem to our dev team to analyze further.
  • Thanks @admin, for the support. I created an ISO with PEBuilder and placing ampe.ISO in the root of the Backupper folder. I kicked off a restore and received a 4141 error prior to the machine rebooting.

    Please let know what additional info you need from me to escalate to the Dev team.

  • Same problem caused by windows June Update. Using Backupper Pro and PartAssist Pro. All PE Bootable media created. In boot.wim system32 ntoskrnl path is invalid of C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Temp\7z04137DF84\boot.wim. All other working PE Bootable media created in boot.wim has  path of DeviceDrive letter:\sources\boot.wim. I don't know how this changed.
  • @tjk031 I have the same problem you described.
    @admin Has the problem been resolved yet? Are there any news?
  • Hi there! My computer environment is WIN10 2H22, and I'm facing the same issue. I'm wondering if there's any solution other than waiting. Regardless of whether I use Onekey, Backupper, or Partition Assistant, I encounter a screen error as long as it passes through WINPE. Is there any other way to resolve this?
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    @KS85, @Moscar, As for ntoskrnl.exe error, it is related to the environment. The WinPE created based on your system recovery environment can't boot with the ntoskrnl.exe error. Please try to create WinPE bootable media of AOMEI Backupper with checking "Download WinPE creating environment from the internet", then boot computer from WinPE media to do operations.
    Or, please try to use AOMEI PEBuilder to create WinPE media, which integrated AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant.
  • @admin
    Thank you for your response, but what I'm trying to express is that if I use AOMEI's WinPE through USB, it defeats the purpose of purchasing Onekey and having the built-in AOMEI WinPE.
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    @admin @tjk031

    Hello Admin,

    I did the following steps:

    • installed AOMEI PEBuilder
    • created WinPE image with it (downloading environment from the internet)
    • stored the image on a USB flash drive
    • booted from this USB flash drive
    When I boot from the USB drive I still get the same error as the original poster tjk031.
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    KS85, if you are stuck with this error not going away, you could use Hirens Boot PE, that has PA, BU preloaded inside, and it works with Secure Boot.
    You could also load BU, PA, or other ISO with Venoy USB booter, an excellent software not made by Aomei, but is great for serious Aomei users.
    Free tools not from Aomei:
    Hirens Boot PE - live USB tool suite
    160 utilities, old BU 6.5.1, PA 9.2.1. To add custom drivers, such as NVMe, simply put them into the “CustomDrivers” folder. Hirens is not recommended in combination with Ventoy USB.
    Ventoy - Best Bootable USB Creator

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