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Extreme slow clone time

Starting at 8pm and finished at 1pm the next day, roughly 16 hour long process to clone a 1TB drive.

AOMEI 7.2.3

Source: 1TB SSD 2.5'
Destination: 2TB SSD 2.5'
Connection: Both using onboard SATA port

All the program that might be read/write the drives are tuned off,
Cloning speed starts at 150MB/s for the first 20 seconds and start dropping after a few minutes,
stays under 15MB/s for the rest of the operation.
Hard copy and paste (Ctrl C & V) was way faster than using AOMEI, between 500~75MB/s depends on files.


  • @Piova, Could you send us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check the problem further?
  • Log file (log.zip) has sent to you via message, below is the one that took forever to clone. 17.5 hours total.

    //////////////////////////////Dump Information////////////////////////////
    [2023-06-10 19:58:02] 
    [2023-06-10 19:58:14] [0       ]ntfscpy.cpp(46): Begin move NTFS Volume.
    [2023-06-11 13:26:11] [0       ]ntfscpy.cpp(163): End move NTFS Volume.

  • @Piova, It seems that there are too many fragmentations on your disk. Maybe you can try to defrag for the source disk, and then do the clone again.

  • First, you serious want me to defrag an SSD like the traditional HDD back in the day?
    Second, it's simply a data storage drive and not a boot drive,
    and base on my monitoring tool the fragmentation is less that 0.01% at all time.
    The only drive has "some" fragmentation is the boot drive.
    If you see something in my log that says the drive has too many fragmentation, please kindly point it to me because I see nothing.

    Also I purposely connect both drives with onboard SATA port instead of enclosure with USB connection to make the cloning as fast as possible.

    Unlike the boot drive with the EFI system partition, I could simply just ctrl+c&v files over,
    I have tested with windows build-in copy-and-paste and it was way faster than your tool.

    Both source and destination drives are SSD, connected straight via sata, PC is not running anything but your tool over night, I do not see any fragmentation on the drive, There is no reason why its 15mb/s and takes 17.5 hours to clone a 1TB disk unless AOMEI is poorly optimized since there are couple other user in the forum with similar speed bottleneck and problem.
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