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"Clean-up"...still issues...

Hi to all of you from Denmark :-)
Searched the forum, found this one here:
I have the same problems running Win11 (22H2) on a Lenovo Yoga. First of all: Everything works perfect,
and AOMEI backupper makes backup every night as scheduled. But it does´nt delete backups when
reaching the 10 backups as described below. I backup on a 512 Gb USB which is permanently attached
to the PC, and have som other things on it as well, so i think 10 sets of backups should be enough.
Settings else in the program: Full backup, no compression, just one folder (with subfolders) to backup,
amount approx. 30 Gb (Pictures, documents, install-files and several settings (*.inf) from a lot of programs.
Tried different settings to get it work, but i just get an errormessage when there´s no more empty space
on the USB-stick. The program does not delete the oldest back-ups at all.
I also tried to copy the annonced DLL, nothing changes at all.

Any solution so far? It´s of course not a big issue, as i can manually delete the oldest backups, but as long
as the program offers this function i think i should work :smile:


  • I am experiencing the exact same thing on Windows 11.
  • @ShelbyGT500, @RayD Please contact the support team via email. And, you might need to offer the log folder under installation directory of AOMEI Backupper and tasks2.2.xml file under C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR to check and analyze the problem further.
  • Thanks admin, done !
    Send to [email protected], hope that´s OK


  • So ! Now i tested over some days. Everything works fine! I just had to pass the back-up file thsat was created the day that i made the task in the Aomei Backupper.....and now it deletes all the files as wanted :-) Thanks a lot!
  • Just upgraded to Pro version and turned on cleanup after 3 sets. It did not work when I thought it would, but eventually removed files (0,1,2).   After creating several more sets, another set was deleted (12,13,14).  I changed the number of sets in Cleanup to "1" and it eventually worked, although not right away and as with the previous clean, it only cleaned up one set (18,19,20) and left all the sets before that.  It looks like the last run also cleaned up 21,22,23.   My understanding from this testing is: (1) Aomei may assume the scheme has not changed since creation of the backup task and (2) Aomei may not always run the cleanup process.  

    I will run tests with a new backup.
  • Running from the beginning as 1 Set for cleanup, seems to work as expected.  Incremental small backup with 1 increment before full backup.  files 0,1 deleted after 2nd set completed (files 2,3).   And files 2,3 deleted after 3rd set completed.   I would like to have only one full backup at any time and the "quantity" method will keep two full backups until the second set is completed.  I will try the other cleanup types to see if I can minimize space required, but the shortest time is daily, so it may take a while to get results.
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