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Automatic Backup Cleanup GLITCH still needs fixing

Automatic Delete never seems to work right. It either acts like it isn't enabled and doesn't delete anything, or it leaves behind 2 complete backup sets when it's adjusted to keep only one set. Trust is the most important thing in a backup app, but unfortunately Backupper Pro behaves erratically, and creates unwanted multiple backups that fill my 2tb storage device.

I previoulsy jumped through all of the hoops requested by Aomei support to diagnose the problem. Then, after finding nothing wrong with my settings, they claimed that the program must retain 2 full sets even when you set it to keep 1 set. I accepted this, but later noticed that sometimes it kept 2 sets, and other times nothing was being deleted! (Same exact setting for the backup scheme.) Obviously, the developer needs to work harder to correct this long-standing GLITCH. I am very disappointed.


  • @Topanga, Sorry for the inconvenience. What backup scheme did you use? Incremental Backup scheme?
    Could you take a screenshot of your backup scheme setting?
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