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Cloned MBR Drive to new GPT SSD System. Wont Boot.

Hi there,

I cloned an older Windows 10 hdd using MBR boot to run in a newer computer which requires GPT.

The clone went successfully, The i click convert MBR to GPT.

The drive still will not boot. in the UEFI it does not say "Windows boot manager" with the newly cloned SSD.

Am i missing something here?

Screen shot from Disk Manager -

Disk O - Default Drive on new computer (windows 11 pro)

Disk 1 - Cloned SSD 

Disk 2 - Source drive from the old computer.

I noticed disk 1 doesnt have "bootk, page file, etcetc)

Could this be related?

Thanks in advance



  • Disk 1 partition 1 is not displaying as an Efi System Partition ( ESP).
  • @Jarrodnz, for system disk clone, you need to boot it as running system disk and then clone. Please connect disk 2 to the original computer to boot and then do the clone on original computer. And, the cloned disk also only can be boot on the original computer.
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