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AOMEI not intuitive, not user friendly, a PITA

Instructions given do not work: https://www.aomeitech.com/kb/backupper/load-reload-backup-task.html

AOMEI Support says: "Solution2:

You can directly import the image file with Export/Import configuration in Utilities.

  1. Browse the path which you save the image files of the task.

  2. selece an image file, then click "open".

  3. Click "OK" on the window, then you will see the task has been listed on Home interface.

Followed their instructions to the letter, problem is 3 above is wrong. I find the image file but clicking on ok does not load it into the home interface. Can find no other way to load the .adi image file to do a differential backup.

I guess everytime I find a bug in AOMEI, I have to come here to find out why your instructions do not work. And as usual AOMEI gives NO guidance in the program itself. Not intuitive, not user friendly, a royal PITA.


  • @Newcustomerup2you, If there is an existing task on the home screen, please delete it first. Then, please check if the image file is valid, you can click Tools-->Check Image or Explore Image, then browse the path to select the image file, then check if it can be listed. If yes, you can go to Home screen, then check if the task is listed.
  • Thanks your reply.
    There is no exisiting task that matches either the base backup or 3 subsequent differential backups.
    So there is nothing to delete.
    The image files are all checked after they are made as ok.
    I don't know what you mean when you say" "then check if it can be listed". Already tried your procedure above and the program does not list either the base backup, nor the subsequent differential backups. Buggy program, non functional, not to be relied on for backup
  • there are 4 .adi files: Base full backup + 3 differential backups. The base check image is ok, have not checked the others. I deleted a file I had entitled base+differential backup, but it did not show all the same dates as the files themselves.  Question: Can I use the base full backup to create a diffential backup that is of a later time than the last differential backup? Which file do I use to create a differntial backup at a later point of time, The base large full backup file or the last differential file as a startpoint. And if I go to restore later which file do I start with to restore, the last differential or the base full badkup adi? What is the procedure to restore the correct image file to the home listing so I can do another backup?
  • After ;using import in utils it appears that the correct backup adi files are now at home. Again there are 4 files: the base full backup and 3 later differential backups. Which one do I select to backup the files that were made since the LAST differential backup in order to make a differential backup for new data made after the last differential backup? If I need to restore this drive which file do I select when I go to restore, the full base backup or the last differential backup? THanks ur reply.
  • @Newcustomerup2you, A Differential Backup is always directly related to its originating Full Backup. It will back up all data added and changed since the Full backup was done. If one of the differential backup image files becomes damaged or lost, it will not affect others. If there are a lot of changes made to the data between backups, then each Differential Backup will become progressively larger, because each one will contain more changes made since the last Full Backup was done. 
    When restoring, you only need to select the differential backup to restore, then all data can be returned to the state when the Differential Backup was done.
  • Good professional support here, thanks. Ok I think I got it now. Saved for future reference. 
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