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Error Code 32781

Hi I am trying to deploy an image to 12 laptops. All the same make and model.
The system image backup was captured on an external HDD and then moved to a PC HDD.
I am able to successfully navigate and open the file in aomei image deploy.
I create an ampe.iso, enabled dhcp, and then wait for the laptops to respond.
The target laptops boot, get to aomei screen, I confirm they are connected, and then I deploy the image and it fails.
I get restore failed (error code: 32718)
Windows firewall and antivirus are disabled.

I have tried:
  • moving the location of the image file
  • change sharing rights (gave everyone read and write)
  • local admin, domain users have full access to the share
  • all laptops are on the same vlan
  • tried \\ip of pc\image location
  • tried \hostname of pc\image location
  • tried local admin creds, domain user creds, domain admin creds
  • tried capturing a different image
  • disabled secure boot 
  • enabled legacy boot
  • network boot is first boot option


  • @Ploch13, As for the error, it might that there are no drivers of the network card of the client computers.
    Please run AOMEI Image Deploy tool, click the “Create bootable WinPE manually” button, and add some necessary drivers to recreate the WinPE ISO. And then, please try to boot client computers from the WinPE ISO and then deploy the image again.
  • I added the HP client windows PE driver pack to the ampe iso. Same error code.
    I also tried a different computer. I grabbed a laptop, installed image deploy, moved the image file.
    Same error code.

  • @Ploch13, Please run AOMEI Image Deploy, then select "Create bootable WinPE ISO manually", then click "Add Drives" to add network drivers. You can try to use Dism++ to export drivers. Please refer to here: https://www.aomeitech.com/kb/backupper/winpe-bootable-media-cannot-recognize-some-devices.html
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