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A PITA to sign up here. Complaints about lost backup files; how to find

I THOUGHT I found a good backup program but I see now you cannot move backup files around on your drive or AOMEI will lose them. And there is no file search mechanism to find the blank entries on the opening page because backupper cannot search for the file? What's up with that. Just about every program I use you can search and locate files, but apparently not with something as important as backing up your DATA!!! Has this been fixed? No reason to pay for AOMEI if it hasn't.

Many complaints here from others that AOMEI cannot locate backups. So I ask you How do I put a GOOD backup file on the main screen so I can make an incremental backup? Cannot find any search mechanism in the program to add files to the main screen.

A PITA to join this because you first use that BS  captcha and THEN you make people wait to be confirmed. You want new customers or NOT? Not important to you?


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