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error message during starting bootable disk

During starting the bootable disk, I receive the following error message:

Unable to load X:\AmDriver\oem103.inf\netvwifibus.inf   error code: 0xe000022f

The AOMEI backup screen appears at the end. System restore does not occur.

How can I solve this problem? Please, help me!

My system is DELL Vostro 7590 notebook, Win 10 Pro


  • Did you create the boot disk manually? If yes, you could ignore that error and click Restore to continue the operation.
  • edited October 2020
    Admin, thanks a lot for the quick response! Yes, I created the boot disk manually. I ignored the error. I tried to restore the system, but nothing happens. The program does not see my system drive.
    To better explain my problem, I filmed it. If it's not difficult for you, please take a look.
    Help me please solve this problem.
  • @Kokus, Could you boot into windows of the computer? If yes, please check if AOMEI Backupper can list the system disk under Windows?
    If yes, it might the WinPE bootable media lacks the drivers of the disk. You can try to recreate the WinPE and then add the drivers manually. Please refer to here: https://www.aomeitech.com/kb/backupper/winpe-bootable-media-cannot-recognize-some-devices.html
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