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Allow User to reset serial number

It appears like registration is a one time event.  If that is true and you uninstall Aomei Backupper PRO from your computer and either move it to a different machine or you reinstall it on your present machine registration using the same serial number will fail requiring you to obtain assistance from your support group.  Would it be possible to modify your code so that the user can un-register the serial number before un-installing Aomei Backupper?  Or store the unique machine identifier so that the registration process will accept the serial number on the original registered machine more than once?


  • LICENSEE is not allowed to lease, sell, rent out or pass the Software to another person in any way. Such license is non-transferable and non-assignable, except in limited circumstances. The limited circumstances include where the original computer the Software license was deployed on: (i) becomes non-functioning; and (ii) falls into disuse. In such cases, the license is transferable to a replacement computer.
    If you need to transfer the license to a new computer based on the above circumstances, please contact us to clear the old register records.
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    So if I choose to uninstall Aomei Backupper for any reason and then re-install it on the same machine the serial number will not work.  Is my understanding correct?
  • @Vbbritt, you can still use the license code on the same computer if you don't change the hardware of the computer. But, if you need to register another computer with the same license code of Pro edition, it will be invalid.  You can contact us to clear the old register records so that you can use it on the new computer when you are in the above circumstances.
  • Do you want people to pirate your software? Because this is how you get people to pirate your software. We should be able to transfer our license if desired as long as we remove it from our original machine. 
  • I bought a workstation license for my laptop to migrate to a new one and then realized I couldn't deactivate or use it on the new one easily. Before I was excited about AOMEI products and I was going to buy more licenses and different products, but now this has disappointed me.

    I just use a cracked pirated version to make my life easier and wont purchase any more until this license issue is fixed. People who buy licenses are treated with distrust.
  • @Dsakjdkja, please contact the support team via email and offer your license code so that the customer service agent helps you reset the license code.
  • Totally agree with @Dsakjdkja There is no shortage of pirated options but people who care enough to purchase licenses should be afforded an easy way of deactivating and re-using purchased licenses. Other software companies have been doing this for years. AOMEI should catch up instead of asking paying customers to "beg" for license deactivation from "support".
  • I read this, because I have reinstalled my Windows and can't activate the software again. There was also no way to deactivate the software before reinstalling like other software.

    If you think I will accept this and beg for reset my license and wait days for it every time I reinstall Windows you're wrong. This is not a serious practice. Please integrate a function to deactivate the software or (better) create a webportal to deactivate a license like others. If I forget a software some publisher give the option to deactivate it via web, like Magix.

    If you dont trust your customers and only see pirates on it, they don't trust you and I will give you 1 start on trustpilot. Then it's better to not release your software. No release, no pirate. All is fine. For now I will not buy any more software from you. There are alternatives.

    I'm realy angry.
  • Great software, but terrible license management. Unfortunately, I also believe that the associated problems of license activation are not properly thought through.

    And I wanted to recommend your software to our 30,000 members. I'm miles away from that at the moment.

    I bought the complete bundle from you with a lifetime upgrade function (see attachment of the email sent), only 10 days ago. And now I have to realize that I can't use Backupper Professional properly because the registration is lost when I have to reinstall the operating system. It then counts as a used license for me, even though it's the same PC. I didn't even put any other hardware in. At least not after buying your software, but before buying it.

    Activate my license again immediately so that I can go back from Windows 11 to Windows 10. But I'll tell you right away, I want to go back to Windows 11. Actually, after my conversion with a new motherboard and processor, I wanted to make life easier.

    This whole action only because my recovery environment was gone after I upgraded my case with new hardware. But, I'll write it again to be sure, that was before the purchase and also after the previous Windows 10 worked perfectly (but without the recovery environment). I bought your software to be sure in the future that I can migrate, split and backup or restore my operating system at any time after a change without detours. And only because their software works better than the Easeus Partition Master software I bought before. And now I find that if I actually want to migrate or restore across different hard drives on the same PC, I have to ask and wait every time? As a freelance programmer, I can't afford the time.

    I've never experienced anything so myopic from a software company. Just a few days earlier I had also bought "Blackmagic Davinci Resolve Studio 18". They make it as easy as almost everyone else: If the number of licenses is used up and then entered again, the previous activation is deleted and no longer works. Every manufacturer can do that and is standard nowadays.

    Especially with your software, i.e. with a backup or partitioning manager, speed is required, otherwise you could do everything via the input prompt with tools that Microsoft already has on board. Do I really have to ask for the activation of the license every time your program becomes important to me? I also registered an extra account with you. All packages are also listed there. Why on earth don't you integrate a license system with devices there?

    Especially since all this not only seems complicated, but also causes real problems. Have you ever thought about the fact that someone without the Backupper is missing all their data, including the email program, passwords or even your order ID. It took a whole day before I collected all of this via server files. Is that calculation and intentional or is that not clear to you? For me, English is not my mother tongue... *grrr*. I'm served up to the top.

    I'm really angry about this and I want to be able to get back to this as soon as possible. But if that doesn't change, I'll probably have to look for a third party. Unbelievable! Unfortunately, the rating of the otherwise good software will suffer massively as a result.

    Many greetings

  • Sorry for all inconvenience. We will develop and optimize the license management system in the near future.
  • Sorry, is there one way for support (via email) only??? How long should I wait for the answer? I wanna make a backup of the OS partition os, then after restoring the license ware activated. I cannot wait for days.
    So again How long it will take till I get the answer to my email?
  • @Michael109, Generally, our colleague will reply to the email in 24 hours (excluding weekends). If you don't receive the reply email, please check the spam folder.
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    So I ask the support via email. Got the answer that they have reset my license. Unfortunately, it still does not work.
    So I have to ask them again.  I find that  AOMEI provides support just only via email is simply not enough. Customers do not have to wait for ages till the solution to a problem that is very simple, turns into a big problem.

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    Pirates don't have to pay, don't have to wait and don't have problems.
    That's sad.

    How silly ist a developer company to think their software couldn't be hacked if copy protections like Denovo and so on is only a big fun for crackers and a big nuisance for customers.

  • Eesh, +1 on being extremely frustrated about this license management.  I haven't even uninstalled it, I've just upgraded all the parts on my PC since the last time I needed to use it and now I need to try and recover a HDD partition, but nope, instead I have to jump through hoops e-mailing some support people and hoping they will reset my registered devices so I can use the product I paid for.  Just let me manage my licensed devices on my user account for cripes sake.
  • @admin
    what is your meaning of "near future"?
    Your responds is from december and now we will start with may in a few days ...
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