Allow User to reset serial number

It appears like registration is a one time event.  If that is true and you uninstall Aomei Backupper PRO from your computer and either move it to a different machine or you reinstall it on your present machine registration using the same serial number will fail requiring you to obtain assistance from your support group.  Would it be possible to modify your code so that the user can un-register the serial number before un-installing Aomei Backupper?  Or store the unique machine identifier so that the registration process will accept the serial number on the original registered machine more than once?


  • LICENSEE is not allowed to lease, sell, rent out or pass the Software to another person in any way. Such license is non-transferable and non-assignable, except in limited circumstances. The limited circumstances include where the original computer the Software license was deployed on: (i) becomes non-functioning; and (ii) falls into disuse. In such cases, the license is transferable to a replacement computer.
    If you need to transfer the license to a new computer based on the above circumstances, please contact us to clear the old register records.
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    So if I choose to uninstall Aomei Backupper for any reason and then re-install it on the same machine the serial number will not work.  Is my understanding correct?
  • @Vbbritt, you can still use the license code on the same computer if you don't change the hardware of the computer. But, if you need to register another computer with the same license code of Pro edition, it will be invalid.  You can contact us to clear the old register records so that you can use it on the new computer when you are in the above circumstances.
  • Do you want people to pirate your software? Because this is how you get people to pirate your software. We should be able to transfer our license if desired as long as we remove it from our original machine. 
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