System (Windows 10) crashes with blue screen possible at the start of scheduled backup task

I am old user of AOMEI products specially AOMEI Backupper. But these days, I upgraded my operating system to Windows 10 and installed AOMEI Backupper v5.1.0, The problem is that System crashes at the start of certain Tasks resulting Restart and disappearance of Tasks from Backup Management Windows. Then by exporting latest image do not have any schedule to perform backup. This  happened three to four times since last 3 days, I do not know, why it happens, Please guide me possible solution to eradicate this issue

Please anybody or  AOMEI Admin can help me to fix this issue


  • ok, problem solved
  • Windows 10 crashes with blue screen solved, but now a new issue come to know

    After fixing patch, when I create new System backup task, pop up new message "The program does not find the system partition"

    I am still unable to create new task whether it is system backup, file backup etc, always error "The program does not find the system partition"

    I have noticed this issue in latest versions 5.1 and 5.2

    I am surprised why AOMEI Team not solving these bugs in new versions? as it was first in 5.1 but it is still in v5.2

  • Did you disable the Driver Signature Enforcement?
  • Yes, I tried many times, but the result is same
  • If you install an old version, like 4.6.3, can it recognize the system partition?
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