How do manually check my backup image integrity?

I recently tried to backup my file and then i was hit by an code: 4104 invalid image. So searched the problem and found this:

Problem is that i don't know how to manually check my backup image integrity. Is there a site anyone can point me to as to how to do this for Aomei back up files? 


  • thanks for the reply. I followed the instructions from the link you've provided, and i got this:

    Checking private structures...

    Checking backup data...

    The program has detected some mistakes in the backup file, so we suggest you:

    1. Delete the backup file, and re-create a backup to make up the mistakes.

    2. Try to browse the backup file by clicking "Utilities" -> "Explore Image" to as far as possible retrieve data. And through this way, you could copy files in this image file and paste other location.

    Information Code:4104

    Invalid image file. This file may be not complete or has been damaged, or it does not match with the current software version.

    This was my second attempt of of backing up my system and still got an error 4104. 

  • What backup did you perform? Could you try to backup again? And, please check if you can explore the backup image via clicking "Utilities" -> "Explore Image". Generally, if you can explore image, so the image file is restorable.
  • I've used System Backup option, I havne't explore the image yet, but i will try that after i try backing up later. I've deleted my backups so it'll take a while. I'll post my results back after like 5-6 hrs. 
  • okay so i'm able to explore system image backup through Explore Image in utilities. However when i compare the disk space and the gb used with my hard drive there seems to be a 2gb difference is this normal? 
  • That is probably okay. A backup image doesn't copy certain files: hibernate, etc. My recommendation is to run a test restore to a spare drive if possible. This is really the only way you'll ever know if a backup and restore truly will work. You can be performing backups that say they are okay for years, then find out you can't successfully do a restore when you need it. Run a test restore. This will also validate you have a good rescue disk.
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