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AOMEI Backupper Pro - Invalid Licence Key

Hi Guys,

I purchased a copy of AOMEI backupper Pro about two years ago with a lifetime Licence Key.  I had a problem with my PC and had to rebuild it. I have installed version 4.0.6 which worked initially. The trial version has expired and when I try to enter my Licence Key I get Invalid Licence. My licence key, is supposed to be a lifetime one.

I reported this to their support email address and they said they have reset my licence but its still reporting the same Invalid error message.

I have escalated to their complaints team but so far I have not had a response which is really frustrating. 

Does anyone know if AOMEI have a telephone number so i can call them?



  • This is now resolved.
    Bruce Teng from their support team resolved my issue for me.
    I don't have the details but it seems he managed to complete the offline licence check which worked for him but not me. Now my licence works.

    So if anyone else has an issue just keep trying their support or complaints email until someone help you. I understand the slow response I got was due to their holidays.

    It would help if they had an auto response email, advising you of possible delays due to holidays etc. Maybe I'm expecting too much

    Anyway all good for now.
    Steve :)

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