AOMEI Backupper is in progress, please wait

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I Have some serious Trouble. When i shutdown the machine, this message will be shown. I have installed AOMEI on four machines and this will happen on all four machines. but they will never shutdown. i had to do a complete restart.

what did i do wrong?




  • Did you enable the event triggers?


  • i cant find this option?

  • We have replied your email, please check it.

  • Dear all,
    I have the same problem. I use windows 7. 
    I have several backup time plans with aomei and when I want to shut down the PC and aomei is still running I will see the screen: aomei back upper is in progress, please wait. But the system won't shut down and I need a hard shut down to start the PC again.
    Can you help me with the problem?
  • @ulrich90 ; Please wait for the completion of the backup and then shut down your PC.
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    Hi, I know this is an old thread, but I'm having the exact same issue. I've had it for a long time and just can't find a solution. 

    I have a couple of backup times scheduled with AOMEI. When I want to shut down the PC, AOMEI is ALWAYS still running. I see the screen: "AOMEI back upper is in progress, please wait." I've let the screen sit like that for HOURS, even overnight, but the system will NEVER shut down. I end up having to power down the PC by holding the power button (horrible).

    I'm NOT using any event triggers (as shown in a screenshot in this thread).  I'm on the latest version.

    I've ensured my drives all have free space.  I backup my internal c: and d: drives to a WD USB Passport drive and I run a nightly file sync from my d: drive to another internal drive.

    Please HELP. 

  • @Mbwager, Could you offer us the log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check further?
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