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Bug: Disk Backupper Freezes the System



  • Yeah. A new desktop HDD started making clicking sounds immediately after the last scheduled incremental when the system (PC) went into total freeze mode. New spinners are known for mechanical failures even with new drives, but I'm not going to rule out that it's only coincidence    
  • It is now August 25, 2020 and I am using the Trial/Free version of AOMEI Backupper which is v5.9.0. I too have the problem of the PC freezing. When the backup starts, a display of the progress percent shows but never gets past 0.0%. Anything that I touch on my PC freezes the entire PC - mouse and keypad - forcing a manual forced shutdown. My PC is a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. Unless this is fixed, I can not use AOMEI.
  • @SydCohen, Sorry for the inconvenience. What system are you using? Did you perform system backup? or disk backup?
    Could you send us log folder under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we check the problem further?
  • I have the same problem, and it appears that a lot of other people do too. I bought the PRO version recently to try to solve this problem, but it's even worse. Every time I open the program my computer freezes up and I can hardly click anything. It's become impossible to use any of my backups! I have tried everything. But now I have to reboot my laptop just to get normal use back. I didn't even know there was a "menu" option because when clicking on the three little lines at the top, nothing ever happened. This program seems incredibly buggy and will not work with Windows 10. I regret buying it!!
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    @Trillian, I am going to assume that you are having compatibility issues with the Microsoft Surface hardware.  I say this because I am using Backupper version 6.3.0 and I am not having any problems at all where my desktop computer simply freezes up.  I am not an authority on the Microsoft Surface so take what I say with a grain of salt.  When I look at the specs for the Surface Pro 7 it appears to be a convertible device that acts like a tablet and/or laptop.  Your storage option appears to be a SSD drive that is anywhere from 128GB to 1TB.  The Surface Pro also has a USB-C and a USB-A port.  Is your backups stored on an external disk that is plugged into a USB-A port or the USB-C port?  Backupper requires a minimum of 256 Meg of ram memory and 300 MB of disk space to install the program so if you are nearing the limits of your memory, the machine may act the way that you are describing.  Or if you are having issues with bad ram memory it will also act as you are describing.  I am assuming that you can boot up your surface from a USB device so I would obtain a copy of Memtest86+ and boot up on it and let it test your ram memory for several hours.  If any errors are detected then you have a defective memory stick or two.  Since Backupper works flawlessly on my machine I do not believe that it is a Windows 10 issue.  
  • No, I'm not using Microsoft Surface.  I have a large capacity MSI Windows 10 laptop. I have plenty of available memory; I even cleared up some RAM to make sure, and I was only using 15 percent of all available. All my backups (created in the day when I WAS able to run Backupper) are on external drives. The program may run on your machine but it certainly doesn't on mine. Even just opening the program causes everything to freeze and I need to reboot the laptop.
  • @trillian, Sorry I looked at a post from @sydcohen who indicated that he was using a Microsoft Surface so I mistakenly thought you were too.  Since I do not have any problems running Backupper what-so-ever it makes me think that something else is consuming all of your resources or you are having driver issues.  There is a program called Process Explorer (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/process-explorer) that you can download that may help.  I had a bad USB port and this tool showed me the port that was consuming a tremendous amount of the processor resource.  Once I resolved that issue then the machine became responsive again and acted just like it always did.  You might give that a try and see if it helps.  Good luck.

  • @Vbbritt Thanks for that suggestion. Yes I did look at the processes (although it would have been nice to look at them while Backupper was running, to see what was clashing - BUT, that is impossible, no other program at all will run once Backupper begins. Not even Windows Explorer). However, I have looked at the processes separately, also services and startup programs and there's nothing obvious at all. So I'm stumped.
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