What enhancements and improvements would you like us to do in the future upgrades?

Hi guys,

If you find any bugs in our products,

If you have any new feature requests,

If you feel that we need to strengthen some features which have been added in the products,

please post them here. Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome!

We will collect them, and fix the urgent bugs and add the most popular features in later upgrades. 

Come on, let us know your thoughts!

In addition,  we will sort out the valuable points at regular intervals, and to show our gratitude, we will provide AOMEI Backupper Pro + lifetime upgrades as a gift to some of you.



  • Hi, just bought AB and I am impressed, but a feature that would be useful, especially going from a HD to an SSD where very often you are downsizing the capacity for speed, is being able to shrink the image partition. This is done on my current ShadowProtect Desktop by mounting the image as writeable, then shrink the size of the partiion (assuming the drive was not full and there is free space), save the image and restore that to the new SSD.

  • Maybe it depends on the field of use but here are my top 4 improvement whishes from a smb point of view:

    1. A backup scheme that continuously keeps an amount of n backups / n days of backups! That should be realized very easy for differential backups. For incremental there are enough algorithms on the web.

    2. The backup integrity check has to be a global option for every backup.

    3.  A simple human readable log file per backup with essential information (start backup, stop backup, start integrity check, stop integrity check, mail sent status, exit status). The current logs are not really useful or evaluable for an user.

    4. All features MUST be available thru one or more command line tool(s) for scripting purposes. Additionally, I don't know how deep others are familiar with the current command line tool but the options and parameters are... lets say... somewhat I wouldn't call intuitive.



  • Hi, i am a proud user ( Technician / Enterprise Version ).

    One suggestion :  Sometime backups fail, because the target is unavailable ( drive letter stuff etc.  ) .  The program tells that the image cannot be found.. at least, it shoudl tell use WHERE it looked for , or allow entry of e a new target with the EXISTING definition, instead of recreating the whole. Especially as we need to run through taskplanner and for each Job need to assign a different USER under which it will run instead of logged on user. 

    Another suggestion:

    Have a global BACKUP template in the company to be loaded for new backups..  

    Another , in addition :

    Define a (global) backup USER Account (AD)  , and Password which the program will run under by Task Scheduler instead of the user who is logged on...  

  • With the PE builder -

    - Advise those downloading it, that they should use a 32bit system to install the program, and to create the PE ISO

    (using a 64bit W7 OS is causing errors, described in a recent thread "AOMEI PE boots then BSOD's")

    - When using the PE, it would be nice if you could save a small file to the hard drive, that will remember preferences.

    For example W7 is a real pain for networking.

    If we use your PE and change the default home group to MSHOME, which should then allow networking to XP machines, Windows asks for reboot to complete the change to 'MSHOME'.

    HOWEVER after the reboot your PE does not remember to use 'MSHOME'

    Hope these suggestions are taken as constructive

    I love the concept of your PE, and what it is offering,


  • - please make the application window(s) resizable.

    - Implement the folder exlusion request

    - make a more Remote Desktop friendly UI

    - shrink the shortcuts name to AOMEI Backupper / AOMEI Backupper Pro (without version ID blah blah)

    - put a space character in the Mail report subject between computer name and the event.

    Bad: "HomePC(succecss)", Good: "HomePC (Success)"

    - Implement "Run whether user is logged on or not" functionality for the task scheduler

    - Some Win7 systems do experience a VSS event id 8194 error

  • Aomei Backupper 2.5

    I reported the following four problems by email on 22 April 2015, but have so far received no acknowledgement or reply:

    I am using this product on a Dell Inspiron 64-bit UEFI Windows 8.1 machine,
    trying to backup and restore the entire system drive. The backup image is
    created and verified successfully. However, on restore using the WinPe boot
    disk, I encounter the following problems:



    The machine fails to boot, giving a blue screen saying:

    The application or operating system cannot be loaded.

    File C:\Windows\System32\winload.efi is missing.

    Error code 0xc0000225



    Windows system repair cannot fix this problem, but on booting from Dell
    Recovery media, Dell Smart Repair does manage to fix it. I notice also on
    booting that the F12 UEFI BIOS boot menu entries have been resequenced, putting
    Windows Boot Manager at the bottom of the list. This itself causes further
    problems, as on completion of the repair, the Dell Recovery drive reboots
    endlessly, forcing me to switch the machine off, detach the drive, and
    resequence the boot menu entries.



    When I finally get the machine working, I find that the Windows PBR Image
    partition has been restored with a smaller size than it had originally. The
    original size of the partition given by Bootice is 15484336 sectors (7742168
    KB). The restored size is 15482288 sectors (7741144 KB). The smaller size gives
    problems when I try and restore the original partition from Clonezilla.



    The Linux legacy recovery disk will not boot. On creating several copies of
    the .iso image, I get a consistent SHA256 checksum


    I write and verify the CD with ImgBurn, and then create another
    .iso image from the physical disk. That image also has the same checksum.

    I now add two new suggestions:


    At present when a full drive or multi-partition backup has been made, there are only two options on restore - either restore all partitions or restore just one. It would be an improvement to allow restore of any number of selected partitions.


    Occasionally there is a pause before a backup starts. If the 'Verify' option is ticked too early, no verification takes place. I feel it would be better to set this on the backup options screen.

  • - Queue multiple blackups so they are executed after each other.

    - remember licensig information on update

  • I agree to most of this wishes ...
    Also we still need an option to implement "run before" and "run after" tasks to be executed before and/or after the backup.


    before -> stop an sql-server before backing up the db-folders

    after -> restart sql-server

    most recent:

    - change install path, to f.e. "AOMEI-Backupper" because the ending version number crashes all scheduled tasks after an update!

    - entering the serial after each update is not very usable

    btw: I think all these "improvements" are easier to apply to an update than completely new functions like "file sync" ...

  • Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for your precious and valuable suggestions and the problems you guys point out. I will collect them and forward to our development team. Thank you!!!image

  • Need the ability to schedule a full backup after x number of incremental or differential backups for a true backup plan

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