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  • Thanks, I do have a USB/Ethernet adapter and that does seem to work on one laptop but it is not recognized by a second one (strange?). 

    Using that adapter is another option but I still have to be able to add a driv…

  • Is there a discreption of how to add drivers to the PE Builder 2.0 somewhere? I don't mind beating my head against a wall for a while but I'd like to see that someone at AOMEI has actually been able to add drivers via the menus in PE Builder.

  • Thanks again. The issue is that I want to use Backupper as a backup strategy for a ultrabook without ethernet. As such I really need to get something working with a WiFi card.

    I don't understand why it wouldn't work with the ne…

  • Thanks for the comment. I do have a UEFI machine but I have tried both methods with Backupper PE and neither boot. 

    With PE Builder 2.0 both methods boot without problems but, as mentioned, I can’t seem to add the drivers. 

  • Thanks for the feedback. 

    Ok. Any idea why the image from Backupper is not bootable?

    For PE Builder, can you describe exactly how to add drivers? Which file do you need to add? Inf? Sys? Cat? What directory d…

  • FYI there is nothng present under the "local" tab in "image" when using Edge as it requires flash. That was the problem.

    Switching back to IE I can upload pictures.

    Anyway, when using the "Create Bootable Med…

  • Hi 

    Using the "Create Bootable Media" option in Backupper, after you choose the USB drive a pop up is presented saying "to ensure PE is more compatible, following detected devices could be added to PE. ...." . Here it detects m…

  • Sorry and thanks. Definitely a stupid question and it was (or should have been) completely obvious.