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  • Just for information - I asked for a refund over this issue, because Backupper stated that the backup was verified (when it was likely corrupted), and that it was mounted (when it was unmountable). Further, it was just a simple full back-up of a dat…
  • Yes, but the point is that if you need to move backup files to another drive for any reason, then these become 'orphaned' from the list of backups displayed in Backupper, and the 'manifestation' in the list needs to be deleted.

    Certainly …
  • Thanks for the reply.

  • Just an update: Macrium Reflect worked fine and did not conflict with AOEMI. I can breathe again knowing that I have a working backup of my data.

    I still have the AOEMI backup, if someone wants to suggest how I can mount and explore it?
  • Thanks for the confirmation.
  • Thanks for the confirmation.
  • The company is in Hong Kong, so they will speak Cantonese as a first language. What I meant by 'polished' is that they are presented as quite a large, established company, but I think it may be just two or three people in a rented office space. If i…
  • Update (maybe someone will find this info useful):

    My original plan was to clone my Win7 install to SSD, and then upgrade to Win10. Firstly, I was persuaded not to do that by r/techsupport; a clean install of Win10 straight onto the SSD i…
  • OK, but I thought creating bootable media was much easier than backup/restore and clone operations.
    For example, Rufus is developed by one guy in his spare time, and is 1mb of code.

    So you can see how it doesn't look very promising i…
  • Great post. Thanks.
    And you think it is this that accounts for most of the cloned boot failures?

    What do you mean by 'kind of bios' exactly?
    The bios on my laptop has been flashed to the most recent version that Asus offers for …
  • > Please export the ISO and use a 3rd-party software to burn this ISO to your flash drive.

    OK, this worked. Thanks! I used Rufus to 'burn' the ISO file (240Mb), because Rufus is small, portable and free. I also managed to put the ISO o…
  • Thanks Johnny. Nice to know about the boot-loader option. For now I'm just trying to get the USB method to work!
  • Thanks.
    And even restore the 25Gb hidden factory reset partition which Asus placed on the disk?
  • Thanks.
    Even when AOEMI says that the boot media creation was successful, it does not boot from the media.
    It hangs with a black screen, with a blinking cursor in the top left corner.

    After creating the media 'successfully', I g…
  • Further development: I cannot create a bootable usb drive on the 8Gb flashdrive that I want to have it on.

    Preparing to create WinPE image.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\AOMEI Image Depl…
  • Thanks.
    I'm holding off on the caddy at the moment - I opened up my laptop and discovered a 3.5" drive.
    So I would have to buy a new 2.5" hard drive, which I can't afford at the moment.

    So I just need to format the SSD to use MB…
  • Thanks for your reply.

    > make sure the source and target drives are in the same partition style

    Sorry, I don't understand what that means, especially the word 'style'.

    The source drive has two partitions C and D