What enhancements and improvements would you like us to do in the future upgrades?



  • Sorry for the double post, I can't figure out how to edit image

  • Just noticed the oher day, that the "Comments" cannot be edited once created.

  • I was very excited to see the new Sync backup option. I currently backup to a NAS and planned to use a Sync job to copy to USB for offsite. Unfortunatly the Sync job does not remove files from the USB, after they have been removed from the NAS. So my USB drive fills up, then the job fails. 

    Could you add an option to the Sync job to remove files from the destination that no longer exist on the source?

  • So here is a BIG feature request. It would probably be an additional piece of software, which we would happily buy. I currently use your software on 300+ servers at 30+ sites. Monitoring all of the backups is a bit of a nightmare.

    If you offered a piece of software that we could install on a server at our main site, and point all of our other servers to it that would be amazing. We would need to be able to point to a public IP for the server at our main site.

     This would only be to get reports of successful and failed backups. I don't need to be able to remotely manage the software, I would just like an easier way to see when each server had a successfull backup. I currently have all of them emailing me, but keeping track of all that is a lot of work. If I could just have a single window that listed each servers name, and the date of the last successfull backup, that would be amazing! If it provided additional data, l would not mind that either.

  • An automatic backup / file backup that runs continuously.Ideally, it would be the best if it could detect if the destination isavailable (e.g. a NAS in the Network or an external HDD), so that it starts thebackup automatically. In addition, that it deletes after XX days the previousbackups.

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    Some Feature requests:

    #1. Editing the ‘Comments’ of an existing backup (but don’t change the timestamp).

    #2. The possibility of excluding files and folders during backup.

    #3. At ‘Task Properties’ (or elsewhere) also the file sizes of the backups.

    #4. At http://www.backup-utility.com/help/incremental-and-differential.html there should be a small note that you have to use ‘Restore’ to select a backup and get that Home screen like the first screenshot.

  • Option to require password to start the GUI.

    Reverse incremental backups.

    Grandfather-Father-Son type backup scheme.

  • AOMEI BACKUPPER PRO Feature Requests:

    - option for having full backup at user's choice (e.g.) every 2 weeks and incremental according to schedule 

    - task scheduler - win 8.1/2008 Server task so can have run if missed task on next reboot

    - i think backupper also doesn't complete a task if check for update is checked (haven't tested this)

    - allow AOMEI to automatically update within major product version rather than uninstalling and reinstalling everytime.


  • So we have upgraded to version 3.2,

    1. Backups still wont run if the user who created them is not logged in.

    2. Email alerts are still poor. If the destination is un-available we do not get an alert. 

    3. The scheme is not properly deleting old backups in the chain.

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    First: A very great program.

    But here are some points I miss :

    - a systray icon for running backups, especially if running with the scheduler in the background

    - a resizable program window, this fix one is not "smart" ;-)

    - in the log page, the sort order for date is not correct.

    is it possible to realize/correct  that?


  • Hi holgerG,

    - a systray icon for running backups, especially if running with the scheduler in the background

    -------Yes, when the scheduled task is running, there will be the systray icon to show running backups.

    - a resizable program window, this fix one is not "smart" 

    ------I don't quite understand what you mean. Could you explain it further?

    - in the log page, the sort order for date is not correct.

    ------Could you give us the screenshot of log page?

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    Enable the restore of multiple partitions to separate locations in one operation - Acronis allows this and probably others too.

  • 1. Backup -> File Backup -> Add Folder -> Schedule Settings -> Advanced -> Differential backup -> Run backup

    2. Change text in any FILE.TXT of the Source (put there current time) and repeat step 1.

    3. Utilities -> Explore image -> ... -> Select a FIRST backup time point to explore ->  Select your FILE.TXT -> Save as -> (for example) D:\Temp

    4. Utilities -> Explore image -> ... -> Select a SECOND backup
    time point to explore ->  Select your FILE.TXT -> Save as ->
    (for example) D:\Temp

    There will not appear any REPLACE dialog and file will not be replaced (It does not matter older it or newer, was it changed or not!)

  • Please add a feature to open/view selected file in Restore dialog.
  • Hi, I usually use AB to restore whole system backup on remote computers (with remote desktop or team viewer). The default option should be "Restart PC" instead of "Shutdown" once the restore is finished. Often I can't change this setting because the machine reboot after few seconds so I have to go on site just to power on the PC.

    P.S. Sorry for my English

    Thank you for your consideration Alex

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