Short tutorial-System Backup and restore (Windows BitLocker To Go Windows 8.1)

1. Download the WinToUSB software

2. Install Windows 8.1 in the first area of the wheel in the external HD. Note Create the boot partition and the partition from the operating system.

3. Once installed, disable the TPM and encrypt Windows 8.1. You can encrypt only the space that is being used

4. Now download the AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI PE Builder, do the installation of the two programs and create a media of AOMEI PE Builder.

5. start the PE media and open the AOMEI Backupper.

6. Click backup and then click partition Backup

7. Select the boot partition and the system partition

8. After you have added the partitions, go to the smart and choose the option to do an exact backup

9. Ready! Wait patiently!

10. Now when you need to perform a restore, create the layout of partitions exactly how is the system installed. Remember to format them and also carry out restoration sector-by-sector

Tested and restored several times with Windows 8.1 Pro (portable) installed on a HD Hitachi HTS54550A9E384 and also restored to the HD SAMSUNG HD81GJ.

Everything working normally it!!!!

The hint to walk with your data protected


  • Thanks for this guide. But before I start a procedure like this I would stop using AB and perform my backups with windows build in instead - which also has no problems with other 3rd party encryption solutions. Not as comfortable as AB but it does the job out of the box.

  • These procedures are for Windows portable 8 along with all the encrypted system.

    Have you tested some other tool? I had success with a TrueCrypt partition. Only difference is that it is necessary to leave the unallocated partition to perform the restoration

  • Regarding to software encryption I've currently only perfomed tests with non system partitions, encrypted with DiskCryptor. While Windows Backup or Veeam Endpoint Backup have no problems to mount or access files within the backup AB fails.

    Just to mention I use AB with SED Devices (3rd party software is also required, e.g. Wave Embassy ESC). AB has no problems with this combination... but there is nothing to it.

  • Tutorial with WIndows 8.1 Encrypted with BitLocker - Disk Clone Sector by sector

    Following this article:

    I used a Samsung hard drive (source) and a Maxtor hard drive (destination) using a disk clone. Well I took the destination disc and put it as a source and everything worked normally! To be sure I made the process two vesses and still converted to Windows ToGO to upload to another computer with different hardware. Success has also been initialized!

    PS. only detail is that the system partition was cloned missing 1MB, as it has 1GB and as shown in the photos the two disk are with their counted days, ie poor states!

    PS2 Do not try with VeraCrypt, because with myself typing the right password takes forever to check it out. For this to happen I had to restore the boot loader, but it still did not work.

  • I took BitLocker and did it with VeraCrypt. I was successful with Disk Backup sector by sector and restore in the same way. Disk clone with VeraCrypt does not work.

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