Dear all,
I backed up my system using AOMEI Backup and restored it to a new disk. Now when I try to boot the system hangs when trying to load ambakdrv.sys file


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    Hello christophad,

    Sorry for the problem you encountered this time. Is it possible to take a photo of this error and sent it to [email protected]

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    AOMEI Support Team
  • i have a similar problem. I backupped the operating system and restored. It fails to load the profile and I am required to enter safe mode by striking f8 to start the procedure of fixing the user issue. however, the backupped system will not let me enter safe mode, as it is stuck on loading \windows\system32\ambakdrv.sys

  • I have the same problem (Windows 7 Pro). The startup pauses for about 2 minutes, on this file. Uninstalling your program does not remove the driver. Can I delete it?

  • @all, we have forward your problem to related staff, hope that they will work out a solution. 

    @sblessley, sorry that I can't answer your question. You can seek for help by emailing our support team at [email protected]

  • Same problem here!! I restarted the computer in Safe Mode to see what is causing the long delay, and it was stuck at \windows\system32\ambakdrv.sys 

    It was working well for 3 days, but on the 4th day this issue happened.

  • If you want to get rid of the left-over files that this program leaves in Windows\System32 folder you will have to edit the registry.  First uninstall Aomei Backupper completely.  Start the Windows registry editor, regedit, and do a search for ambakdrv.sys.  You will find one entry, and if you look closely you will see the name of the other files you want to get rid of, just make sure they are the right ones.  There should be 4, all the files end with xxxxdrv.sys.  Delete the entries, and restart your computer.  Once your computer starts you can safely delete the few files left in Windows\System32 folder (just remember the files end with drv.sys).  The ambakdrv.sys is a shared dll which is why you get the blue screen if you delete ambakdrv.sys without editing the registry.  I have done this on my desktop and laptop, both are running perfectly.  I loved this software but hate anything that won't uninstall cleanly and leaves files behind that can't be easily deleted.  I cannot believe none of the moderators know about this fix.

  • Hallo,

    same Problem as #5. Win 7 Prof 64

    Work 2 Month. Today same error above.

    How can i uninstall Backupper - Wind ows don't start.

    Regards manfred

  • @manfred ; Can you upload a screenshot of the problem?

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    I have the same problem after installing the January Microsoft Updates. System will not enter safe mode and just hangs. Windows 2008 SBS Server.


  • @utech626 ; Please try to delete ambakdrv.sys in WinPE.

  • I have the same problem. This is terrible. How to fix?????

  • Do not instal new backaper

  • @Par Please try to delete ambakdrv.sys to see if it works.

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