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System Image Backup but exclude a folder.

System Image Backup but exclude a  folder.

I want to skip my Music folder as it is around 60GB so it will be smaller and quicker for the backup as I have my Music backed up to other devices and the cloud and can download it quicker than the backup can do its thing.

The issue is no matter what I try the Registry Entry is ignored by AOMEI, the backup is still around 90GB and it should be around 30GB without the Music folder.

I have tried this:


"Remember to use wildcards. For example to exclude Downloads, Music and Videos create a new Multi-String value key (by right clicking in FilesNotToSnapshot ) called "My exclusions" (the name is up to you) in the registry and add these values"
Snapshot based backup software. | Windows 8 Help Forums (eightforums.com)

I also tried to add the same Registry Entry to the FilesNotToBackup section and also tried using my USERNAME instead of $UserProfile$

so it would instead be:



  • @Jh30uk, Did you use "Microsoft VSS" under Options-->Backup Mode when you create the backup task?
    Please try to create a "Create a new Multi-String Value", name as "Music" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestore\FilesNotToSnapshot
    Then, set the Value data of ""Music": C:\Users\MYNAMEHERE\Music\*.mp4".
    After that, please run the backup, then check if it will exlude all mp4 files under Music folder.
    You can explore the image via Tools-->Explore Image to virtual partitions, then check the backup content.
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    Yes I left it the default VSS

    Since when is music normally .mp4?

    All my music is mp3 so I will try that but ideally I want to just add the whole folder or at least all file inside becasueI will end up with a Music folder backed up with 100's of folders/jpgs inside it.


    EDIT: It does not work, if it did then the previous method of excluding the Music folder would work, this has been asked for since at least 2017 and to be added to your GUI to make is easy.
  • @Jh30uk, AOMEI Backupper currently doesn't support exclude folders/files when performing system/disk/partition backup. We will add the feature in the future.
    As for excluding folders via Registry, it seems that it can't exclude folders. 
    We test to exclude files from the Registry, it can work.
    Did you mean that it still doesn't exclude all mp3 files from the Music folder when you add C:\Users\MYNAMEHERE\Music\*.mp3 to the registry?
    Could you explore the system image file to virtual partitions to check?
    And, could you take a screenshot of the setting on the Registry?
  • I just check and by error I copied your key which had .mp4 so that is wrong as the music is .mp3.

    I will test it now but I will still be backing up a lot of junk Album folders and Cover Art jpegs (not that they take up much space).
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    Just edited it to .mp3 and it still did not work.

    You have been asked for at least 5 years for this feature and keep saying you will add it in the near future 

    I have only came back to using your product after I had to give up due to the BSOD on the backups schedule that was not fixed for years and the Syncing every reboot issue (10 hours) on the new Sync options and I am reluctant to add that large folder to my Sync due to it may cause the issue though it was fine in older build.
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