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All Backup jobs gone



  • Yes Admin. Special v5.7 was unable to perform any backups since installed because it could not detect the partitions and returned an error message. Also trying to create a new backup, the select disk screen screen was blank, not showing any partitions or disks. Never saw this bug before and is specific to special v5.7. 

    Now running v5.9, created backup jobs and did some backups last night. Happy to run any additional tests regarding backup jobs disappearing. v5.9 has been running well on the other PCs.

  • Hi JeffN,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please still use v5.9. You can save the task2.2.xml file under C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR to save all tasks. When these tasks disappear again, you can put the task2.2.xml back, then all tasks in the xml file will be loaded again.
    We will optimize the problem further.
  • Thanks for the tip and I will restore a backup xml file should I lose the tasks again. Hope you are making progress with a permanent fix.

  • I suggest a simple workaround for the problem. 
    @Startup: If NoTasks() and FileExist(BackupTasksXml) RestoreBackupTasksXml()

    @ClosingApp: BackupTasksXml()

    Aomei can add this to her program or you use a batchfile without the "If...", always restore and backup the xml.
  • @Al_the_dutch, Thanks for your suggestion. We will submit it to our dev team.
  • Happened to me with v5.9. All backup tasks had vanished and backup stopped thereafter without any warning or notification.  This behavior is unacceptable for this kind of software.
  • I learned a while back on to back up your Tasks to the xml file and export it so you can import it alter after the past 1+ years BSOD's wipes it clean most times.
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    Admin, v5.9 working ok so far. I have not lost the backup tasks on the one computer that was having problems. I will continue to monitor and can use the xml file restore if needed.
  • @Concerneduser, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have optimized the problem
    Could you try the test version?
    And, you can import the backup tasks via browsing backup image: https://www.ubackup.com/help/import.html
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    Admin, v5.9 continues to be working well. No backup tasks have been lost. V6.0 is out. Have the lost backup tasks been addressed in these versions? I was using Win10 build 1909 and just updated to build 2004.
  • @JeffN, Our technician still needs to optimize the solution of the problem. We will add the solution to the next version asap.
  • Okay, thanks for the update.
  • Admin, long time customer here who's also been losing backups, schedules, etc. with no warning. Restoring backups is easy enough, but schedules/schemes seem lost forever. Are these some of the issues whose solutions will be in the next version?
  • @Thogar Did you try the test version?
  • @admin PRO version 6.1.0, fresh install (Win + AOMEI Backupper). all tasks are gone after BSOD.. so still no fix?
  • Same here, all tasks gone again with 6.10.
    Please get this sorted out, it's fucking annoying.
  • Admin, I did not. Would prefer to stick with "ready for primetime" versions. Additionally, I have no idea how long it takes before the backup jobs/schedules disappear. It's happened to me twice over the past 2 years and both times I didn't discover it until several weeks after the last backup. I also don't keep records of when I first set scheduled jobs, applied updates, et cetera so to properly diagnose I'd have to simply wait to see if the issue recurs with the test version. I'm not comfortable trying test versions for my backups in the event other issues might arise. I just wanted to know if the issue has been found and solved for the next version or is it something that will continue to possibly plague the software? I'm guessing from your reply above that your team isn't certain of that yet. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but also please clarify either way. Thanks.
  • Admin, I just want to add that this issue of disappearing backups has gone on far too long. If your team doesn't have a definitive, working fix in the next release I'm going back to Acronis. I thought I had a great program at a great price when I switched to AOMEI, but since this disappearing backups issue has gone on for YEARS it's time to give up on your software and your team. Either you don't care about the problem or you don't know how to fix it. Either way it's time for a solution, whether that be you fix it now or I switch to a proper, functioning backup solution. This is inexcusable.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Our dev team optimized the problem. They will add the solution to the next version.
  • Hello, I have also been affected by this problem twice. And to be honest, it is not understandable for me that this elementary basic function of a backup program is so error-prone. That's a real pity, because I'm actually a fan of aomei after I had big problems with acronis in the past
  • Admin, if you're still paying attention to this thread about an ongoing issue, why is AOMEI still causing BSOD crashes every time it runs? It wasn't doing that for me before the last update. If there's no current solution I'd like to know because I'm ready to go back to Acronis, or really any other backup solution, right now.

    Backups are one of the most important things anyone can do for their computer and your software, along with your dev team, is treating this like it's a glitch in a video game. It's far more important than that and it's time your company started acting like it, or just close down since there is almost zero confidence in your product any more.

    I switched to AOMEI several years ago after reading a number of reviews that rated it highly. In the past 2 years, AOMEI doesn't even show up on lists of "best backup software" any more, and I can see why. Your product's performance has tanked and your dev team either doesn't care or isn't qualified enough to fix the constant issues.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience. We will release the next version this month. 
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    Admin, that doesn't answer any questions about the performance issues with AOMEI. Will this new version correct BSOD crashes and the random disappearances of backup jobs?

    Frankly, I'm tired of your "non-answers" to questions. Since that's the best you can do, I'm done with AOMEI. Clearly tech sites that review backup software are also done with you since the only version of AOMEI that any of them recommend is the FREE version - and only maybe 2 sites even recommend that one. After what I've had to deal with, your paid version isn't even worth being free.

    Sorry, but your assistance isn't helpful at all. Your software started out promising, but you've declined to the point that it's not worth anything at all. Time to switch backup software to another company. I won't be coming back to AOMEI once I leave. Backups are too important to deal with this clown show you call a software company.
  • One FINAL thing: AOMEI has once again deleted all of my backup jobs. What a flaming piece of shit you've become. Uninstalling AOMEI immediately in favor of ANYTHING ELSE.
  • Sorry @Thogar but I am one user that has to disagree with your opinion about the Aomei Backupper software.  I have not had one blue screen of death or any backup tasks disappearing on Aomei Backupper Version 6.1.0 since I acquired and installed my copy.  Personally, I think that the software has a decent design, is fairly user friendly, and works quite well.  Being frank with you, It seems unreasonable to me that a person would complain so strongly about a product that was, and still is, FREE.  I like Aomei Backupper Standard well enough after using it for a while that I purchased the Professional version with lifetime updates.  I also understand that all software has bugs and that the only way that problems are resolved is by developers identifying and fixing the errors and sometimes that takes time.

    I have successfully created backups on three different machines, created rescue media on the same machines, and have actually restored the backups to the hard discs in these machines.  I have all of my machines on a schedule where Aomei Backupper creates a full backup on a weekly basis, performs a validation of the backup, and sends me a email notification.   

    Good luck with that going back to Acronis.  If you are not happy with Aomei Backupper then I doubt that you will be any happier with Acronis.  Their latest version of True Image was released with a significant number of bugs that were identified in their beta trial that were not fixed and their focus was the development and rollout of their antivirus component instead of their backup product.     
  • Vbbritt - you're making a lot of assumptions and are clearly not experienced with the software or these forums. You've gotten several things wrong.

    1) I have always used AOMEI Backupper Professional, never used the freeware version. And even if I had, complaints about such egregious failures are valid no matter the cost, or lack thereof. But in my case I bought their best package with disk management software and the whole deal, so if spending money is what you think validates complaints then there is no customer with MORE valid complaints than I. 
    2) The BSOD and deleting backup jobs issues are well-documented in these forums and many, many users are having them. I've had it BSOD twice this week alone and the 2nd time it blew away my backups and schedules completely. If you're not convinced check out this forum thread that goes back nearly TWO YEARS with people having this problem: https://www.aomeitech.com/forum/discussion/6230/backupper-pro-amwrtdrv-sys-causes-system-crash/p1

    Hell, this very thread about backup jobs disappearing is also nearly TWO YEARS OLD. Do you think everyone in both these threads are making this up just so you can come in as a new user of AOMEI and say we're all wrong? And coming in with assumptions (that I'm using free software) means you're just going to embarrass yourself, as you did above.

    See, the problem is I've had this software for FIVE years and it used to be bulletproof. There was a time when I would've felt about it exactly as you do now - it was excellent, worked without fail, and was easy to use. Then about TWO YEARS ago the BSOD and self-deleting backup jobs issues arose. That's TWO YEARS, which in software years might as well be forever because if you have catastrophic failures like this for multiple customers and you can't fix them in TWO YEARS you aren't trying and it's time to shut the doors.

    Next time, unless you have a valid question or something productive to add, save the internet arguments for Reddit. I asked the Admin a question, but an answer from anyone would be welcome. You, however, only made erroneous assumptions and offered nothing in the way of solutions. If you're not having problems, great, I hope you never do, but you likely will eventually.

    The dev team here is weak as hell and don't know how to fix the problem, but won't admit to it, either. Acronis at its most buggy beats the hell out of AOMEI any day - and this is coming from years of experience with both softwares, not the early impressions of a new adopter like yourself.
  • @Thogar, Sorry for the inconvenience. Our technicians optimize the BSOD problem and tasks disappear problem in the next version. We will release the next version next week.
  • @admin - Thank you. I hope this fixes those issues, otherwise I really do need to go back to Acronis. Working from home makes having reliable backups even more important and it's been almost 2 years that this has been happening. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I don't really trust AOMEI like I once did if you can let a problem this severe go on for so long. I look forward to next week.

  • Hello,
    We have released the v6.2. Please download it from here:
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    The BSOD problem seems to have been solved in version 6.2.
    The correct drivers are now installed. Just a pity that it took so long.
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