All Backup jobs gone

Backupper Pro 4.6.2 on Windows 10 Prof

All Backup-Jobs gone on two machines.
Backups themselve are still there, but no warning about the stopped scheduled backup-process for nearly a week.
Just found this issue by chance.

As AOMEI-backupper had this issue some versions before and offered an update then, I think they do have the same problem now (again and again) ...


  • I‘m sorry, the cause of this problem is still unknown.
  • Same here, Backupper Pro 4.6.2, two different Win 10 Pro machines, all settings gone without a trace after a while (ca. 48hrs? couldn't pin point yet when exactly). Re-importing the settings worked, but still annoying to miss out on backups without notice.
    I have switched from using the backupper scheduler service to using the windows task planner now, let's see how that works out.
  • I'm curious.  Have any of you backed up your config before?  I backup mine to my dropbox but each time I have to import it, it looks in backupper program folder first.  wondering if it needs to stay in that folder?  
    I'm using 5.01 tech plus but this has been going on since back in the 4.x versions as well.  Seems random but has been happening more often lately.  
  • @dworrell ; Are these scheduled backups? Did you get a BSOD?
  • Wow, this bug is killing the reliability of automated backups! Carefully created automated backup jobs disappearing on several machines using Win10 since January 2020. Using latest version of Backupper. No warning, the console shows the jobs are gone. I use import/export to recreate but also need to edit schedule and backup scheme to restore the job parameters. Works for a few weeks and disappears again. Hello @admin, any clues as to what's going on? Happy to beta test.
  • Thanks Admin for the reply. I read the other thread but I am not sure how this applies to the issue described here? I don't have error messages or BSOD, it's just the the automated backup jobs will occasionally disappear from the Backupper interface. 
  • @jeffN ; The task disappearance may be caused by BSOD, you could try it first.
  • Admin, no BSOD issues but still having this issue. I have changed the windows 10 system update schedule to exclude times when I'm doing backups. Maybe the system was rebooting during scheduled backups? 
  • Version 5.7 also have this problem, plus Blue Screen on Windows 10 2004
  • @Matrix, could you download and install the new v5.8 from the following link to see if the backup tasks will disappear again and if there is a Blue Screen problem.
    Please first uninstall AOMEI Backupper you have installed via Control Panel, then delete ambakdrv.sys, ammntdrv.sys, amwrtdrv.sys under C:\Windows\System32, reboot the computer, install the new version we sent.
  • I have the same problem the second time on my windows 10 pro.
    All, except of one job are suddenly gone, no trace to find. The backups themselves stayed.
    I am still using 5.7.
    I had an export of the jobs so i reimported them. In the moment they work.
    I had never a bluescreen.
    What shall i do? Uninstall and install 5.8 like you wrote above?
  • Admin,

    My apologies as I never tried the special version you sent to me. Just to report that I was still seeing the issue of all backup tasks disappearing with ABPro v5.7 on one of my systems.  Just updated that one to v5.8. Could it have something to do with windows 10 when there are major updates? I have now updated to WIn10 2004.
  • @Extramints, Yes, please try the special v5.8 we offered. After that, please check if the backup tasks will disappear again.
  • @JeffN, Do you have the problem again with the special version we offered? It should be not related to windows update.
  • All jobs gone here as well, damn annoying.
    I can't believe you still haven't fixed that bug after 1 1/2  years.
  • Admin,

    I have been running v5.8 pro and been ok so far. As you requested, I just installed the special version v5.7 workstation (not v5.8) you provided via the link. I will run in over the next few weeks and let you know.

  • Admin,

    An update. Special version v5.7 workstation has been running without loss of backup tasks since July 30.

    My other machines are using v5.9 and they seem to be working fine.

    Will keep monitoring.

  • @JeffN Thank you very much. We will update the solution to the after version asap.

  • @Diabolicus. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have you tried the version we offered? backup tasks still disappear?
    Please first uninstall AOMEI Backupper you have installed via Control Panel, then delete ambakdrv.sys, ammntdrv.sys, amwrtdrv.sys under C:\Windows\System32, reboot the computer, install the new version we sent.
  • Admin, I have been running the version provided in the link that you copied, it says "Server Version 5.7".  It seems to be working without loss of backup tasks. However, I did not follow the uninstall procedure correctly, I did not remove those .sys files you requested. Should I repeat the uninstall, remove those .sys files and reinstall?
  • This problem has been ongoing now for 18 months or more, without  any solution to the problem. I find it hard to believe that this type of problem is not being addressed by the company. I have previously reported this problem twice (April 2020 and August 2020) and after being given a link to the test program (which has also failed) I have been told that it will be fixed in a future update, but they do not know when. I had requested a refund but have been told that my refund period had expired. In other words, tough luck we have your money.
    This type of problem is possibly a reason why this software is currently offering a 47% discount. However, If the program does not work as advertised then in my opinion it is totally useless. 
    The technical adviser that I have conversed with is of no use other than offering details of how to fix this and other problems.  I am sorry, but I don't feel confident enough to delve into my Registry to find and delete data. If I screw up then my whole system could go down too.
    As a word of warning to anyone considering buying this program....Don't, unless you can check daily that the program has completed its schedule backups etc....otherwise come a day when your system crashes you may find that your last backup was 2 weeks, 2 months or longer ago.
    I have been advised that I will be advised when this problem is fixed....I will not expect that anytime soon!
  • @JeffN, No, you don't need to reinstall.
  • @WilliamRoberts, Sorry for the delay in the problem. It is a complex problem, which is related to system environment. Our technicians have been analyzing this problem and create the test versions for users who encounter this problem to check.  Could you try the 5.7 test version again we offered? Most users said they don't get the problem again based on the version. Our technician will do the final check and release it asap.
  • Thanks for the info Admin. I have been running the test version v5.7 you provided since August 1 on the pc that was seeing the problem and so far I have not lost the automated backup tasks. Will keep running into Sept. I hope this helps to provide a solution.

  • edited August 2020
    I've been using AOMEI since May.  I bought one copy each for my desktop and notebook.    I am running Professional Edition 5.8.0.  Backup jobs simply vanish every couple of days.  It's frustrating.  I also highly suspect the blue screen and the unpleasant Windows fix after AOMEI runs.  What is this app doing to my boxes?!  
    I was looking for something robust and an alternative to Acronis.  AOMEI is not a solution.  I am really disappointed.   Unless there is a good bug removal I feel like asking for a refund.

  • @Robdhubb, sorry fo the inconvenience.
    Could you tried the following version and check if the backup tasks still disappear? 
    Please first uninstall AOMEI Backupper you have installed via Control Panel, then delete ambakdrv.sys, ammntdrv.sys, amwrtdrv.sys under C:\Windows\System32, reboot the computer, install the new version we sent.
    It is a v5.7. We will update the solution to the latest version asap. Sorry again.
  • Admin, turns out that special server/workstation version 5.7 had a different bug not allowing backups since installing. It could not find the volumes to backup. I even uninstalled deleted the sys files and tried to reinstall the special version, recreate backups and volumes could not be found to backup.

    So I have installed ABPro v5.9 which is working and recreated backup jobs. I need current backups working. I am not sure if you made any changes to v5.9 that addresses backup jobs being lost? On my other machines v5.9 has been working ok. 

    I am happy to try another test version if you wish but the test version is buggy as I described above. 

  • @JeffN Did you perform system backup? Did you mean that it can't detect the system partitions on the special v5.7?
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