Windows 10 shutting down and terminate backup

I have Windows 10 Pro. Aomei Standard 4.6.3. When I shutting or reboot computer by windows menu start the backup is going to terminate all the time.
This solution of FAQ does'nt work:
"Why the shutdown event backup doesn’t run after you press Power button of AOMEI Backupper User Manual57the computer to power off?The shutdown event backup is based on the shutdown of windows. You can click the “Shut down” or “Restart” button in Start Menu or use shutdown command to enable the shutdown event. However, if you press power button of the computer to power off, it directly cuts off the power to close the computer forcibly. In this situation, the program can’t get the windows shutdown information to perform backup. So, please use the correct windows shutdown way so that the program can perform the shutdown event backup."

Second problem is a aomei ask every time for password and username of nas localization but I put there correctly user name and pasword. When I going to menu strat -> run -> put \\ip.adress\directory (NAS) is work and then in aomei I can log without any problem. But all the time i must first go to "run".

Please help because Aomei is not working and backupping all the time.
Adrian, Poland.


  • Problem 1: Please disable Fast Startup.
    Problem 2: Please map the NAS to see if problem persists.
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