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Backupper Pro 4.5.1 Commandline

When running the newest version of Buckupper Pro (4.5.1) from commandline, the backup command runs immediately through given a success message. In the backgroun the core process does the backing up. A following command comes back with the message "There's another AOMEI Backupper program running right now." and terminates. This leads to a situation, that batch backups no longer work.


  • If you run the command in older versions, will it work?
  • Yes! I've set the installation back to 4.1 and everything runs fine again.
  • Not sure why, a screen share would be good to better analyze the problem.
  • Sorry, but i don't have a screenshot and I've set the version back. But I've added the batch file I'm using. After the first backup command is executed from within the batch file, core starts to back up and the control is immediately given back without showing any progress. The following command, in my case this is a little pause, is executed. Than the next backup command is triggered and it immediately comes back with the error and the batch file proceeds with the next statement.
  • Admin - I have the same problem as Rabund.  I upgraded from 4.1 to 4.6.1 recently and noticed that the AMbackup command is executed, but before the AMbackup task is completed, control is returned to the command line processor which then executes the next command in the batch file.  If the next command needs the AMbackup output, then it gets and error and quits.    In the older version (4.1), the AMbackup task is executed and the batch file awaits completion of the AMbackup task. 
  • I have the same problem.  I have a similar issue since upgrading to 4.6.1.  I have a screen shot right here

  • @storageman Can you show me your batch file?
  • edited January 2019
    Sure can.  Here is a text file of the offending execution.  This is only a small segment of the original, but was used to create the screen print above. 
  • Thank you, we will test the issue.
  • Any further information about this issue ?  
  • OPPS - Just installed the latest (1/23/19) update, and this problem is now corrected.   Tell the guys in Development that I appreciate it and also thanks for the new found speed in 4.6.

    Thanks Storageman
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