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User Tools not functioning in 64 bit PE Builder

I created a 64 bit version of PE Builder to make use of a couple of need 64 bit programs.  After booting PE Builder I attempted to rung the .exe files, but they would not run or even try to.  Seeing it would not work in 64 bit mode, I made a 32 bit PE Builder to try. It did try to run the.exe file in this 32. bit version,  but gave me an error message I was trying to install a 64 bit program.  That's understandable, but the only programs I need to have access to and run are 64 bit programs.  I guess I should have tried a 32 bit .exe, but since it would do me no good anyway, I didn't bother.

So, if possible, could you fix the 64 bit version of PE Builder to work with User Tools.



  • Hi, can you tell me the program name you added to PE Builder?
  • One was Avast antivirus (avast_free_antivirus_setup_online_cnet2.exe) the other was Raven Core Wallet (raven-2.1.3-win64-setup-signed.exe).  Neither would even attempt to run, so I doubt it would make any difference what program it was.  As I said, when I built the 32 bit version of PE Builder, both of these 64 bit programs would try and run, but of course they couldn't in a 32 bit environment.  

    Would it be possible to somehow add these programs to the built-in programs to allow them to function?  

    Thanks for the quick reply.
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