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AOMEI Backupper Network Beta Test



  • kzieres61kzieres61        

    Thank you for the suggestions, But I have two problems with that.

        1. The gmail account I tried is  a Church/school account so  the email is [email protected], but it uses gmail servers. So the security level can't be lowered can't be lowered. and Hotmail dosen't let you change what app can log into me account.

        2. I use screen connect for remote access and they have the option where you can name your own smtp server. For this I use my Company Account and it works just fine, Maybe Aomei could give us that option and/or fix the Gmail/Hotmail problem.

  • @kzieres61 Thanks for your feedback. We will improve the email notification of Gmail/hotmail in the future. Have you solved the problem for managing computers under different subnet?

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    I too am having problem using gmail hosted mail that uses a domain. 

  • are there any plans for a custom mail settings 

  • @gmeyers Could you give us a detailed description? the test email can't be sent? Could you allow less secture apps to open in your gmail? You can set it from here: https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps

    @dtiffany we will consider to add custom mail settings in the future.

  • Failure:  

    i have a network ( AD ) /   and in the enterprise we even have more networks. 

    Currently it scans only a part of it..  exactly : ---  finding only a few PC´s 

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    If i enter the name..it finds the PC ..  starts installation , takes a while..  

    Then tells me installation sucessful ..and a second later :  "The account not found"

    if i try to gain acces ..as it actually did install..  i cannot enter the credentials..  tells me "the account not found" ... whatever i try.

    it tried 



    accountname@domainname( full qualified ) 

    it does not work on either the domain admin account nor on the backup user account

     it works when using the LOCAL PC Admin Account ..

    ...  Task:

    I can creat a task, see my NAS from it . but it lacks SUBDIR Creation , minor problem at present but needed..  for instance to group backups  etc..  

    ...  up to now..  fine..  it created a PC related subdir... ( maybe a prefix/suffix would be nice  like  .aomei  or aomei_pcname 



    Backup file created..  looks good so far...   

    Question:  as we have  technician enterprise license..  will we get a beta of the technician prog version too..  ? 

    Any thoughts yet on pricing ??


  • forget #36   ..   i found the settings and try ...

  • IP segments do not work..

    i added all local : 





    ..  only scans first segment

  • Admin

    I setup the email like in photo one . then click test and get the error message in photo two.

    The trinityutica.com is a Church/School so can't lower any sercurity levels.

  • harry_geier

    You are right. the default subnet  for 172.16.xxx.xxx is so I believe Aomei needs to add in a range of IP address with the subnet being used so that the whole range of that subnet is being scanned

  • Other thatn the reported issues with authorization , whioch may be solved in last beta with the autorization package, over weekend it worked fine.   Looks promising...  

  • What's the new estimated date for this to be out of beta and available to buy?
  • Sorry for that the date for paid version has not yet been decided.
  • Sorry for that the date for paid version has not yet been decided.
  • Just testing Backupper Network..
    Working very well, only some minor changes I think should be nice to be implemented.
    First, if I have the client installed on pc without administrative rights (only Power User), every time when backup starts the user that is working can see something like this:
    Can you add please a settings to not show any information if administrator decide it?

    Another think is about the name of the Tasks. At this moment cannot be changed. And because of this, on the target location (where backups are stored) we can see a lot of folders with the name like time stamp. For me it is more convenient to replace this naming convention with the name of the workstation where the client is installed. The Standard Edition has this possibility, it will be nice to implement also in Network Edition.


    And the last one.. how I can delete the logs if I want?
    Thank you!

  • One remark or rather suggestion from my side.
    It's nice to have some kind of appliance ready-to-go based on vmware/hyperv image.
    As an example please check ESET Remote Administrator product which can be download as a typical Windows installator but also as a Vmware/HyperV image built on Linux.
    Advantages? Save your windows licences, fastest provision of backupper network system, and probably many more...  
  • Just using the Backupper  beta for the first time.  Is it possible to show a rough estimate of the total back up size rather than the showing "just" that the destination disk may have insufficient room?  I like the interface, simple, but still has necessary  options by choosing a menu rather than having to select one just to get to the next step.
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