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AOMEI Backupper Network Beta Test

Welcome to AOMEI Backupper Network Beta test post! Here, you can give your feedbacks and disguss on designred features, user interface (UI), interaction, ambiguous or inaccurate expressions etc. even unimportant, obvious, or "crazy" ideas of AOMEI Backupper Network Beta. 

This post is most designed for our beta testers to disscuss their thoughts. To get our reward, you still have to send a an email with your feedbacks to our support team at [email protected] if you haven't yet. We will record your feedbacks and send you AOMEI Backupper Professional or AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional at your choice. 

And, when the beta test is over right after the finial version release (in January or February of 2018), we will reward testers whose feedbacks adopted by us within one work week with 2-year subscription of AOMEI Backupper Network Premium and Server product. 



  • edited December 2017

    please integrate such a solution http://tmeter.ru/en/ into the products.


    its very simple, i limit the traffic to a special ip adress (the NAS or the directory where the backups are stored)

    even with this freeware you can reduce the networktraffic for example to 80 percent of the possible speed of the networkadapter. i use it at the moment for backupper to limit the speed of 100Mb adapters to a max of 80percent, so that other applications can work without problems, and the backup still runs in the backround.

  • One most important feature is deduplication. i.e. when a file exists on multiple computers (like system files do) it is stored only once on the NAS and not 10 times if there are 10 computers.

  • kiadmin Thanks for your suggestion. We have recorded it. 

    SelfMan  Thanks for your suggestion. We have recorded it. 

  • Software is working very well! Got it running on several computers.

    If there was a way for it to communicate with other computers on different subnets that would be good. Example:

    IP range (AOMEI network software installed on this subnet)

    talk to

    That would be great!

  • How do you control backup on the server computer. 

  • Hello!
    And where can I get a link to the version of the Backupper Network for Windowsserver 2008R2 client?
    I really want to test this product, but I need a version for servers.
    Thank you!

  • Hi!

    Would it be possible to explore or open a backup image by directly executing or opening the image within the directory where it is located?  You also need to include the "Enable large window mode" in the AOMEI BackUpper Network Edition.  

  • How about a restore feature from the central control.

  • In the task section, Can you make renaming the jobs easier,  Even if just the PC name would be next to the task, I have to sort through the jobs to be sure I pick the correct PC to backup.



  • Hey all,

    Just wanted to give you two thumbs up on the network beta software. My needs might align with other advanced home users. 2Xdesktops, 5Xlaptops, and 1Xmedia player all backuping up to a NAS.

    I work as a sys admin so the last thing I want to do IS screw around endlessly with my network at home. Just plug it in, turn it on, and forget about it. Maybe it was just luck, but backupper seems to just seems to work on all my various machines without endless tweaking.

    The network interface looks promising. The most needed feature for my use case is the ability to detect network usage. The laptops all backup over wifi as a result backup fails if there is too much other traffic on the network. It would be nice to be able to postpone or throttle a given backup job it the wifi router is saturtated.

    limiting parrallel job via the newtork interface is a good first step.

  • I'm running AOMEI Backupper Network Beta Test on my YOGA 900 laptop at a resolution of 3200X1800.  I belive because of this resolution I have to go to a Large Windows Mode on BackUpper which enlarges beautifully to my screen but unfortunatly because the lack of this option on the Network beta software the program is distorted on my screen hence I'm not able to run.  I'm quite certain that I'm not the only one which has this issue.

  • Another quick feedback on the network app.

    It would be helpfull to copy the last known log results for each computer to the status section on the task page.

    In one quick glance one can get a good overview on the status of the last backup run.

  • @all Thanks for your feedbacks and suggestions.We have recorded and submitted to our dev team.

  • On the controled computer screen add a right click option to backup or restore - edit properties of that item

  • I would like to request a feature: Network speed limit. I have a few wireless computers, that sometimes they just like to disconnect from wifi if they are sending or recieving data too fast. Normally not an issue, but sometimes the backups cause them to disconnect and they are sending to a remote server. If I could limit the speed to say 100MB or 5MB, or whatever I needed, it would make this issue go away. The issue isn't with the software, I know it's my network, but this fix is what I have used for other software that allows speed limiting. Thanks!!

  • I would like for you to add the option of testing the integrity of the backups and being able to backup other server (ie windows 2008 r2 and above) as I  need to beable to backup two server to one location.

  • Could you add away to clear the log report

  • Also could you add the option to beable to have the workstation being backed up shut down after completing the backup. right now you have to go around to each workstation to set this option instead of being able to set it from the central location.

  • dtiffanyPDXLabCoatgarendell  Thanks for your suggestions. We have submitted them to our dev team.

  • garendell  "Could you add a way to clear the log report"----Did you mean that the log files under AOMEI Backupper network? Do you want to add a option on AOMEI Backupper network's screen to delete these log files?

  • Is there a way that the task view can be cleaned up, it is very difficult to sort jobs.  the job does not have to take up a whole line, if it can be made smaller while maintaining job progress, that would help.  Actual Icons of the PC's may help.  But the current task screen can be to busy and difficult for anyone with multiple PC's to back up hard to keep track of. 

  • Yes, right now you have a date range, but not away to delete the past log when it is nolonger needed on the  Backupper network's screen

  • - Can it import the existing tasks to the network control without recreate it in task tab when change the control to another server?

  • I know someone else pointed out that all computers have to be on the same subnet, but our company has computers on 5 different subnets. This is a big drawback for the centralized backup if it cant see it. I do not want to have to go to 5 different pcs to see if backups worked.

  • @briand I was the onle who asked about it, and this is what I got in reply to an email:


    Thank you so much for contacting us.

    We will support managing computers on different subnets in next version. 

    If you have any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us back.
    Have a nice day.  :)

    So, there looking into it :D

  • Got the new update 0.0.2, not sure where to put bug reports? or maybe there's instructions I'm missing somewhere.

    Noticed that you added the IP segments section under settings. AWESOME!!!!!

    I enter 192.168.60 and add it. This is so I can see all the computer rtanging from

    the host "server" is located on 192.168.10.

    However, when I do a Refresh on Uncontrolled Computer's I do not see anything in my list. (as all my computers on 192.168.10 have backupper installed and are managed) 

    When I go to Install client program, and tell it to do Remote Install Client, in the list of computers it only shows 192.168.10 computers, and no other network.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • When will the centralized control for Server and Technician version deploy?

  • when trying to setup e-mail noctification using hotmail accounts and it fails

  • @garendell The email issue and hotmail, I know that for gmail clients you have to enable the allow low security programs, in order for it to work. Maybe hotmail has a similar setting. I would look at 2 things, one your hotmail spam account or main inbox and see if there was a security email about a low security program trying to access your hotmail.

    2: search online and see if anybody has had problems with outlook connecting to hotmail accounts.

    I know your problem is AOMEI based, but sometimes you can find similar problems with other programs.

    This is how we had to get AOMIE to use our Gmail accounts.

  • @All thanks for your feedback and suggestions. 

    @briand we have released a new beta verison which supports manage computers under different subnet.

    @kzieres61 Could you try again? If you get the same problem, could you check if the 192.168.60 has been saved into IPsegment.ini under C:\ProgramData\AomeiBR\net?

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