Creating Bottable Media

I've asked this before.

Trying to create bootable media

I keep getting "Detects that there isn't any writable disc, please insert a writable disc."..

I'm able to burn and copy using other software to these sane discs.

Is there a workaround??

How and where do I download an ISO and burn it to ta disc??

If I want to use this software I guess I'll have to do it this way.



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    When you get to the step, under Create Bootable Media, that says SELECT BOOTABLE MEDIA, the third option should be Export ISO file. Browse to where you want to save it and continue. It should save the ISO file as ampe.iso. You just need to burn that file to a disc using whatever means you want. I just used the built in Win 10 option by right clicking on the file and selecting "burn disk image". Or you can use a third party burning program. You need to check the disc is bootable after you finish by rebooting and selecting that disc as from where you want it to boot. When booting from the disc, give it time if you see your CD drive working. It may take a few minutes. Be patient.

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