Backupper Pro Stopped Working

Greetings Tech Support,

I have been using Backerupper Pro for about a year or so with no problems.  A few weeks ago it has stopped working completely.  I get a popup message that says:

"Information, The current edition doesn't support to create a portable version.  If you want to use a portable version of the program, please choose Technician Plus Edition"

I don't understand what this means.  I backup to Seagate USB drives and had the process automated.

What should I do?



  • Please reinstall Backupper to see if problem persists.

  • OK, I reinstalled Backupper Pro with the latest update and now I get the message:

    "Expiration Notice:  This version has expired and any operation are no longer available.  You need to upgrade to full version now to perform these operations.  Enter the license code:

    I searched my email history and could not find my license code.

  • Please contact [email protected] to regain your licence code.

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    Thank you very much for your help.  I found my order reciept and license codes.  Backupper Pro is working perfectly now.

    I also reinstalled PA Professional 6.0 and it dosn't give me a place to insert a license code. 

    How can I register it?

    How can I get the newer version?

    I have Lifetime Free Upgrades versions.

    Thank you,

    Mark Palacios

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    Contact [email protected] please.

  • Hello from France, i have regularly the same issue since 6 months , fortunately i have a lifetime version and ican reinstall but on an older license (when i bought first a 4.02 version) unpossible to registrate  later, when i've noticed that after i ran an  Avast cleanup often backupper pro turn itself to aka portable, i think Aomei must do something on its license control check routines, i sent a mail to signal this issues nut no answer at this date

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    @Phil27 We will reply your mail as soon as possible.

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