AOMEI Backupper Network Beta Test



  • I'm running AOMEI Backupper Network Beta Test on my YOGA 900 laptop at a resolution of 3200X1800.  I belive because of this resolution I have to go to a Large Windows Mode on BackUpper which enlarges beautifully to my screen but unfortunatly because the lack of this option on the Network beta software the program is distorted on my screen hence I'm not able to run.  I'm quite certain that I'm not the only one which has this issue.

  • Another quick feedback on the network app.

    It would be helpfull to copy the last known log results for each computer to the status section on the task page.

    In one quick glance one can get a good overview on the status of the last backup run.

  • @all ; Thanks for your feedbacks and suggestions.We have recorded and submitted to our dev team.

  • On the controled computer screen add a right click option to backup or restore - edit properties of that item

  • I would like to request a feature: Network speed limit. I have a few wireless computers, that sometimes they just like to disconnect from wifi if they are sending or recieving data too fast. Normally not an issue, but sometimes the backups cause them to disconnect and they are sending to a remote server. If I could limit the speed to say 100MB or 5MB, or whatever I needed, it would make this issue go away. The issue isn't with the software, I know it's my network, but this fix is what I have used for other software that allows speed limiting. Thanks!!

  • I would like for you to add the option of testing the integrity of the backups and being able to backup other server (ie windows 2008 r2 and above) as I  need to beable to backup two server to one location.

  • Could you add away to clear the log report

  • Also could you add the option to beable to have the workstation being backed up shut down after completing the backup. right now you have to go around to each workstation to set this option instead of being able to set it from the central location.

  • dtiffanyPDXLabCoatgarendell  Thanks for your suggestions. We have submitted them to our dev team.

  • garendell  "Could you add a way to clear the log report"----Did you mean that the log files under AOMEI Backupper network? Do you want to add a option on AOMEI Backupper network's screen to delete these log files?

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